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        A lot of Jeep compass owners have reported about ABS sensor issues, since 2017. I still wonder why a thread has not been created yet. Well, its never too late!

        Reason: The cause behind a lot of ABS failures is due to the design of the sensor itself. These sensors were designed based on American road conditions, not Indian. Substantial amount of mud, underbody washing may cause these sensors to go haywire.

        Jeep India is now replacing all those faulty ABS sensors with a new upgraded ones under warranty. The new ones are more resistant to Indian road conditions( fingers crossed).

        Problems with ABS sensors are shown on the Instrument cluster as warning lights and on the MID as warning messages.
        The ABS, EPB, ESC lights will light up.

        The MID will show warnings related to:

        EPB (Electronic parking brake),  ESC( Electronic Stability control), ABS Warnings.

        These warnings are shown all together at the same time ( all these systems rely on ABS sensors for proper functioning)

        Troubleshooting: Ensure that the battery voltage is not below 12V while the engine is not running. A low battery can also cause these ABS warnings to pop up. The battery voltage can be checked using the MID.



        Note: With ABS sensor issues,

        You will be able to drive your jeep with ABS issues if your gearbox is manual.
        Petrol and diesel auto jeeps will go into limp mode, The speed wont go above ~ 20km/hr and the gearbox will lock onto 2nd gear.

        Always drive carefully when driving with a faulty ABS Sensor, as your braking capabilities will be limited. Its better to replace the sensors asap.

        The MID warnings and lights mentioned above may also occur, if there are issues with other components in the braking system.

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