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    I have recently bought a Compass 4×4 Limited. I love the car and the way it drives is amazing. I am happy but one issue that I have been facing is the Door jarring at moderate to high music volume. Tried to get it fixed from the showroom once, they fixed it but now there is a door rattle problem when driving over slightly uneven roads in the city.  The showroom asked me to knock the car for a few more hundred kilometer (2000) so that every rattling issue is uncovered and then they will fix them all at once.

    I am fine with that and just wanted to know if anyone else is also facing similar issues with jarring or rattling. If yes how have they solved it?

    Thanks in advance,





    I also faced the door rattling issue in the beginning, but with the 5K service they fixed it.


    I had faced slight jarring in rear right door that too after 1000 plus kms of rough terrain drive. It was fixed during next Service visit. I was told that they have used pads and some coating to reduce those noises.


    Minor door rattling was fixed during the 1st service. On and off there are little noises in the dash that crop up; but they fade away just as they appeared …. hopefully will be addressed during the 3rd service soon.


    I had seen the Compass after the door pad was removed. The entire interior of the door is well insulated with thick, hard plastic contoured to fit in the grooves. The solid sheet is “bolted” unlike on other cars where a thin plastic film is glued.

    The chances of rattling, may be, due to improper tightening of the bolts. This is from my personal observation.

    As a DIY, you can check by removing the outer pad. But be careful not to unplug the sensors as the ECU is designed in such a way that, if the sensors are unplugged, the engine will not start and would show errors.

    Alternatively, first the battery terminal should be unplugged first and then the sensors connectors can be removed.


    I am still facing driver door rattling noise issue. has it been resolved for anyone? i have jeep compass log optional 2018 model.


    It gets resolved but keeps coming back as I hear from Jeepers, though for me it was resolved at once.


    Were you able to fix this? I too have this issue with Passenger Door, Driver Door and Dashboard. Tired to complaining to the service center. They keep it for a day and two and solves, which solves the issue for a day or two.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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