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        I have a Petrol 1.4L Limited edition (AT) vehicle and I own it since March’ 2018. The vehicle has clocked around 38000 Kms so far.

        First of all, I would like to mention that it is one of the best vehicles in terms of road performance so far I have used. I have been proud owner of Maruti (800, Alto, WagonR), Totoya (Corolla), Honda (City ZX) since 1998 and I really “Like” my Jeep. It is powerful, elegant, and very comfortable.

        Having said this, I am facing a very peculiar issue with and would like to know experts opinion.

        This started in July 2021, when I was driving my Jeep Compass from Noida to Jaipur on NH-48. The vehicle stopped suddenly on the highway and engine turned off. The message flashed on the dashboard / was “Oil Pressure Low”. I could start the vehicle after 2-3 Minutes and it ran for around 20-30 Kms and stopped again with same warning message (Oil Pressure Low). The issue kept recurring every 20-30 Kms. I spoke to nearest Jeep Workshop in Jaipur and they suggested to bring the vehicle to workshop for inspection. The vehicle was thoroughly tested by workshop in Jaipur but they couldn’t find the root cause of issue. They contacted the back-end Technical team and it was suggested that “Fuel Pump Assembly” should be replaced. They arranged for Fuel Pump Assembly and replaced it on 18th July 2021. The vehicle kept running fine after that.

        I faced the same issue again on 19th May’ 2022, when I was driving this vehicle from Noida to Pilani via NH-9. The vehicle stopped in between and same warning message flashed (Oil Pressure Low). As in past instance, the issue kept coming again and again every 20-30 Kms . I spoke to Jeep workshop in Delhi this time as my vehicle is regularly serviced there. As expected, they suggested to bring the vehicle to workshop for further inspection. I verified the Coolant Temp, Engine Temp, Batter Voltage etc. and everything was looking good and in normal range. Outside ambient temperature was in range of 40 to 45C on this day. I faced the same issue again while coming back (from Pilani to Noida) and during evening hours, when the outside temperatures were quite better (30C or so). So, looks like the issue mayn’t with outside temperature.

        The vehicle was inspected by workshop in Delhi and they replaced the “Fuel Pump Assemble” once again.

        With these 2 incidents happening with same problem, I would like to have an expert opinion with following questions on my mind;

        Is Jeep Compass built and suitable for Indian Conditions? Especially, if outside temperature is around 40-45C, do we expect a problem?
        Has anyone else faced similar issue and is Fuel Pump Assembly is root cause of this issue? If the same part has gone bad again, what’s the expected life of Fuel Assembly?

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