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        The performance of my new Jeep Compass Petrol Manual 1.4L is really worrying and bothering. Second gear is pathetic in drive within city limits where the gear changes are more frequent.

        Having owned manual sedans including Esteem, Corsa and Verna in the last 2 decade, the lag of in second gear is too sad. It just doesn’t respond linearly against the accelerator press. Without a linear predictable response, not really sure how do other drivers drive this vehicle. Can understand the lag in automatic, but for a manual drive, would have expected vehicle to respond to the driver.

        The only way out I have figured is to stress/floor engine more in the first gear before shifting to second. This is quite a different driving pattern; at least for me.

        • 6th gear behaves similarly (nearly no difference in pressing the accelerator after moving up), but can live with it.
        • The engine seems to get too stressed easily – sounds very different from the first 200kms (again, can adjust to this too.)
        • Mileage is around 8kmpl – could have adjusted to it if the performance was better.

        As per the service advisor, all Jeep Compass Manual respond similar and is designed this way for the lower revs.

        Doesn’t sound right. Is everyone just adjusting to it in city limits ?
        Not sure the purpose of a manual if it doesn’t respond to the driver.

        Would like to hear from other MT drivers including diesel/petrol. Is there any way to get the turbo to kick in early/always?




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