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    Dear Jeepers,
    Couple of queries from a newbie to the veterans on the UConnect Infotainment System that comes with the Compass:

    1. What speakers does the Jeep Compass come with (Limited variant, if it differs per variant)? I read articles on they being Harmon or Beats, while others stating they are UConnect proprietary.
    2. UConnect, per internet, supports remote start using UConnect mobile app. Apparently the UConnect app is not available in iOS here- may perhaps be downloadable if I change the location to US, but then again, would that app really help remote start the Indian Jeep Compass?

    Thanks in advance.


    Welcome to JeepAG @boneyfrancis.

    1: Those are FCA Branded speakers, others may correct if the actual brand is something else.

    2: I don’t think there is connectivity available as of now in Indian JCs, for that they will need to install a SIM I guess.



    an old topic i am replying to…i am having a limited in singapore, some in india say my model is limited plus but it doesnt have the plus badge. anyways it comes from the indian production plant in Pune i think.

    and mine has S beats speakers.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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