Me and My JEEP – by Athithya Vinay

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I am a car enthusiast and so is my dad. And before settling with this magnificent piece of machinery (JEEP COMPASS) we had a couple of other cars in mind which were nothing in comparison to the Jeep.

Options like the Honda City, Audi Q3, A3, BMW X1 sounded boring, as these cars were in the market for quite a while. I had heard of JEEP last to last year when they came into India with the Wrangler unlimited and Grand Cherokee and subsequently in 2017 with the SRT Grand Cherokee.

But then the game changer arrived, COMPASS. When my dad told me that the new Jeep had arrived I thought it would be big, muscular and stylish and it turned out to be just as I expected. We went to the dealer in our previous car the Honda Amaze. And when I saw this car I was speechless and this was no car, it was a GOD! We booked it in October and got it delivered in January. I could still remember the day, my heart was racing as I hopped into the cab, and when I got down I was impatient and so was my dad and then there he stood, the beast!

We took it for a drive and My! My! He growls! We took him back to the dealer and I continued admiring him while my dad did the formalities (not to mention the lizard sitting underneath the wiper). We were to go to our home town (300 km one way from my home in Chennai) the following day. Long drive. Oh yes, we could actually test the mighty beast I was so excited I floored the accelerator (well imagined to do so as I was seated in the passenger seat as I am only 13!). Then for some time I couldn’t spend time with the beast due to exams. Then we went to our home town again and at both the times passers showed thumps up at us and admired at my beast. My pride! My beast is in blue and looks damn stunning and can be spotted from a distance (very useful at times). We are part of THE MADRAS JEEP CLUB. Their first meet was at Fisherman Cove and we couldn’t join them because of my exams.

BUT…………..on 29 April there was a second meet at Sheveroy hills (Yercaud) and we went for it . The meet up was at café coffee day outside Chennai at Sriperubedur (a popular locality). We started off and straight off the bat I had a couple of friends. We stopped for breakfast!!!!! and then it was a swift sailing till lunch at Salem (TN’s own steel city also famous for yummy mangoes). And then we started our 20 hairpin drive to the hill top!! We reached our stay and crashed for the night. The next morning we had a long day ahead. We headed on an off-roading activity and I should admit that the beasts looked amazing as a convoy and off-roaded with ease. It seemed as though my beast was more enthralled in the company of its long last cousins. And we parted ways the next day and the tarmac was empty and the beast was in it’s home territory. We hit a top speed of 170km/h. to reach our home. And here I am writing this blog!!!!!!!!!!! What a journey it was!   


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Padamdeep Singh
5 years ago

It was a veey different trail, which offered great highways to test speed, serene beauty of the caud (jingles) and awesome offroading experience which ran into 10kms thru 1000 acres of coffee plantation.
It was fun meeting you and everyone else at Madras Jeep club.
Happy Jeepin

Kunal Raheja
Kunal Raheja
5 years ago

Dear Athithya Vinay , very well expressed .
Happy Jeepin