A Jeeper’s FAQ

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1) Learn to Ignore
First of all its a Jeep and not a car. So stop comparing with cars. When you see a car with better headlights, Just ignore and accept the reality. Your’s is a Jeep no arguments please.

2) Don’t hate people who sell their Jeep
Yes, people do sell their Jeep. It may be news to you but don’t we angry. Have sympathy with people who sell their Jeep. It’s not easy to live the Jeep life, there is too much pressure to keep up with the crazy lot. Jeepers are changing the brand new tyres, changing the speakers, buying dash cams, changing brand new floor mats and even buying drones. The poor chap bought the SUV for peace of mind, he never thought he would have to buy a drone after buying a Jeep.

Also, its too complicated for him to understand the difference between a Jeep’s clutch and a normal clutch. Please don’t hate him.

3) You bought a Jeep – You are already crazy.
Just chill, put the loud music and sing loud whenever possible. People anyways think you are crazy to buy a 20 Lacs+ for a Jeep. You will never be able to convenience people why you bought a Jeep. Only Jeepers can understand.

4) Have a great collection of music you love.
Music is life, collect and download good music for your Jeep. No, its not a option you must, you have to. Please I beg you to do that it will keep your attention away from the rattling noise which comes fitted perfectly from the factory with your Jeep.

5) Take the challenge
We you in your Jeep, get ready to be challenged by other cars almost everyday. Thats part of Jeep life. Show the bugger the beast you have in the Jeeps, the real power. Press on the gas and disappear hard and fast from his sight. It should be a perfect execution so next time the bugger sees a Jeep he should change his route.

6) Jeep Off-roading
Don’t expect Jeep off-roading to be simple and fair. You will burn your clutch, break your bumper, towing ropes may even break and your types can get flat. It’s normal and happens with Jeep. You need to keep finding ways to get your Jeep stuck and don’t worry the Jeepers community is always on your side. You need a few tips to get your Jeep stuck, one of our star Jeeper with ample experience from Jeep West Group will guide you properly. I have just started to learn from him, he is a good guru you will not be disappointed.

7) Milage? It’s not a car.
Please understand, As I pointed out earlier it’s not a car and don’t ask “Kitna Deti Hai”. Never show and reveal the gas average to non-Jeepers. Be brave and even if your are not , pretend to be. Remember you never bought the Jeep for milage and thats what people perceive. As a Jeeper you need to maintain that perception at any cost. Bad luck will happen and your milage will drop by 2km per litres if you don’t follow this.

8) Loosen up, relax and chill nothing can overtake your Jeep on the highway.

9) Keep burdening your fellow Jeepers with a new found secret about your Jeep. Some Jeeper found a nail polish in another fellow Jeepers storage box, now thats not a Jeep secret. Please find secrets in your own Jeep.

10) Live your Jeep life so that your epitaph could read, “No Regrets I Owned A Jeep”. Take charge of your attitude, Jeep life is different.

11) Never waste an opportunity to wash, clean and polish your Jeep.

12) Show respect for everyone who works on your Jeep for a living, regardless of how trivial their job is. This includes your visit to the Jeep service station.

13) Do crazy things like paying toll for the Jeep behind you, do a Jeep wave, wave at children on the school bus/ street etc.. Please don’t think of converting your Jeep to CNG that will be too crazy.

14) If you are an admin in a Jeep WhatsApp group and don’t like Jeepers share non-jeep content. Just have a little sympathy. Not everyone can make up for Jeep Trails, this is their humble way of being part of the community at a virtual higher spirited level – “Mai Bhi Hu Jeeper”.


Happy Jeepin from a crazy Jeeper – KD

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Shows the true JEEP-sprit.. !

4 years ago

Great compilation !!!!!!!

You know you are True Jeeper when you start finding the longest route from destination A to B 🙂

Kunal Raheja
Kunal Raheja
4 years ago

very well complied …
Happy Jeepin

Hemant Jain
Hemant Jain
4 years ago

Very wisely explained