At Jeepag, we strive to tap the underlying enthusiasm of individuals who are looking for any excuse to get behind the wheel. Being excitement specialists, we organize Jeep activity groups that brings together people who share the same level of enthusiasm about driving. Through this community, it becomes easy for people to connect with fellow enthusiasts, whose adrenaline rush gets a boost with the push of the pedal.

There are more than a 1000 members, from different forums, who are already on board with us. So with the purpose of bringing them all together on the same platform, we have created this space, which is revving with activity and excitement. We would love to see each and every one of our members to feel the exhilaration, by setting the trapped adventurous soul free. Meetups are organized in different regions, making it easier for Jeepsters from North, East, West or South to come together and create memories, sharing their experiences with pictures and glimpses. Jeep owners or those who have traveled in a Jeep, can even write a blog and let the entire world get a peek of their exciting endeavors.

Connecting the various Jeep clubs across India, we bring them all under one roof, thus shrinking the world and making accessibility convenient. Now all information about upcoming Jeep events, including the schedule of pan India meetups, will be at your fingertips and just a click away. All you need to do is register with the club, and also get amazing welcome gifts from us.

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partha sarathi chakraborty
partha sarathi chakraborty
5 years ago

Hi !
Wanted to learn about the capabilities and Jeep Trail experiences with JC 1.4 AT so that i can plan accordingly for drives & trails with my JC.
Also I am not being able to register for Jeepag , please advice on that.
Partha Chakraborty

Yashas Gilganchi
Yashas Gilganchi
20 days ago

Hello BJC!

I am looking to buy a pre-owned Compass 4×4 manual. Is anyone here looking to sell?

I can be reached at 9971033310