‘Wandering was the only thing I believed in;

And the only thing that believed in me.’

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The group’s name was the easy part; in keeping with our need for wandering, we call ourselves the ‘Western Wanderers’ (WW). This also gave us a regional and more widely en’COMPASS’ing identity versus a city-specific or local one. 

A Few Good Men from WW brainstormed on the logo design on a fresh morning of a West Group trails event at the scenic Pavna Lake. Apart from the iconic ‘7 Grills’, the logo needed to showcase our regional identity and a spirit of adventure in an emphatic manner. The spirit of adventure is symbolised by the mountain range, which represents the Western Ghats, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of 8 global “hottest hot-spots” of biological diversity.

The 4 directions of the compass (N, S, E, and W) contained within a circular frame is a classy pun on the Jeep Compass. Within this, our logo’s compass has a unique ‘True West’ rather than the conventional ‘True North’, again an emphasis on our regional identity. All this bordered by a honeycomb design inspired by the Compass front grill and upholstery. 

Our Compass points West!

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Western Wanderers Activities

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August 2, 2020 7:15 pm

Hey there
I want to ask that installing HID in my jeep will it affect warranty or not?