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All across the globe, there’s one synonym for passion for driving- JEEP. A passion which lets you free yourself from the mundane chores of everyday existence, a passion which makes you choose the road less traveled, a passion which lets your soul soar high.

And from God’s own country, we are a bunch of Jeepers holding on to that passion – finding reasons to drive our Jeeps – all across the palm grove studded plains to the enchanting cloud kissing ghats – not to mention some of the pristine blue beaches strewn around.

Come – be a part of our family – Contact us here.

Kerala Jeep owners activity group known as “God Own Jeepers”, comprised of Jeep owners from Kerala. Through this group we bring together people who share some enthusiasm about the brand Jeep, driving and travelling. The purpose of the group is to bring the enthusiastic people under one platform to organize drives, meetups, sharing driving experiences,  discussions on availability of local aftermarket accessories etc etc. Being part of pan india JEEPAG group, this also provides an opportunity for meeting Jeepers from other other parts of India and also feel like home when you make long drives to other parts of India. 

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3 years ago

Why don’t we plan a journey to Nilambur and Waynad for the flood cause with few relif

2 years ago

I feel happy after joining Bangalore jeep club

2 years ago

Just Awesome with cool kerala trip..want to join!!!

1 year ago

I have a doubt. Is it worth for buying a diesel jeep now in a high fuel price situation. Electric vehicle will be the future vehicles.
Please share your views. I am looking for a new vehicle.

1 year ago

Looking to be apart of the of roading community …..