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Myself the JEEP, rolled on wheels first in 1941.  Hope you all know that Go anywhere, Do anything is what people say once they tame me. I played an important role to roll out the soldiers to un-motorable locations during World War II.  There is much more to my stories, but now I would like to highlight something about my community.

Today I am narrating my experience with the most captivating Jeepers from Bangalore Jeep Club.  I have been taken to the extreme possible terrains by these Jeepers and today was a short enchanting drive.

I was lined up with my kith and kin on the NH48 in Bangalore – while the Jeepers greeted each other for the day. We Jeeps were flagged off for a convoy drive on the highway and veered off to SH3 narrower roads.

It was a scenic drive through few villages and most of the by-passers staring at us, without any difficulty we cruised up the peak of mountain for a breathtaking view from the Hills. 

We descended the hill at ease and reached a location where our masters planned for their breakfast.  We were parked the way we are meant to be parked on an uneven rough terrain. 

I on behalf of my team of Jeeps, admire the punctuality of these Jeepers from BJC – who were on dot of their schedules. 

Later we were headed through muddy paths to reach the banks of a small lake.  All of us enjoyed the ride, but were sad to see the lake area contaminated by plastic and abandoned clothes etc.,.

Jeepers manoeuvred us in different ways on the rocks of the small mountain, they patted us by the performance that we delivered.  JeepKids were enjoying in their own world beside us.

I love those Jeepers who might have overheard our cry about the contaminated lake area, it was great that all of them joined hands together to clear up the polluting waste.  We also observed that all the Jeepers were using Bio-hazard / plastic free tools like gloves, pickup tools, aprons etc., to clean up the mess.

Leaving behind a cleaner lake bed, we headed back to the highway after another short off-roading deviation and thus all Jeepers greeting a goodbye to each-other.  Late afternoon I was back to my regular parking lot in my master’s home after a memorable day.

I love my master who takes utmost care of me and at the same time employ me to demonstrate my capabilities.

Original Agenda

Date: March 17th, 2019


  • 6.30AM: Assemble and convoy start from Nelamangala toll.
  • 7.30 AM: Reach Devarayanadurga view point.
  • 8.30 AM: Breakfast at Viva Fernleaf Resort.
  • 9.30 AM: Convoy starts to Off-road / Rock climb location.
  • 12.00 PM: Disperse.
  • Those who signed up for breakfast drive only, can head back after breakfast if they don’t have time.

Please bring sufficient drinking water, snacks, hat/umbrella, sun block creams etc as the weather will be hotter and unshaded.

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Padamdeep Handa
Padamdeep Handa
5 years ago

Wow… Kudos Jeepers for the commendable job…

Bharathi A
Bharathi A
5 years ago

Proud of you BJC !!!

5 years ago

Lucky to have been part of this trail. Looking forward to many more such trails