Bangalore Jeep Club

BJC Jeepers notorious for their punctuality, arrived at the start point minutes before the scheduled time including the Big Daddy Willys.  The Big Daddy Willys lead the way for all other Jeepers and for the first time ever the JCs were lined up according to their colours, with blue at the front as it is the colour that shows creativity and intelligence followed by contrasting colours to end with Red at tail depicting our passion & love for Jeep.

It was a spectacular view in the form of a snake crawling at a good speed, as the roads were curvy for the entire stretch. The Cobra with army green Willys head and colourful from head to tail – blue, black, white, silver and red had a stunning representation of the reptile on the road.

This was a great feast for eyes to the public en route and the coloured line up of convoy added more flavours. BJC Jeepers also well-known for admiringly over-speeding during every drive, were crawling in this drive with full respect to the Big Daddy leading the way.

After the delayed breakfast of Bangalore’s famous savory joint, the convoy continued the journey to Kurudmale Ganesha Temple to seek the blessings of supreme. Jeepers followed the convoy leading to off-roading activities with a short delay due to break in convoy while crossing multiple highways. The organisers helped to bring the lost Jeepers back to convoy and arriving at BEML Land for basic off-roading experience and to form the Legendary Jeep using the JCs.

It was a tremendous effort by Jeepers and their family to plan and align the JCs in forming the JEEP image. The entire BJC and later the Jeep community across India were astonished by the creativity and execution of such an innovative concept. This turned out to be the best breath taking moment for all Jeepers of BJC.

All Jeepers intended to go for lunch point were diverted to the second off-roading venue – the cyanide mountain. A quick off-roading experience on the dusty lands, took away the hunger from all, now it was the lead Jeep’s role to push back all other Jeepers to lunch point.

A delayed lunch at the golf resort and sharing memories of the drive with fellow Jeepers, there comes the curtain down for another remarkable drive. Jeepers started to wind off for the the day and head back to their homes. The cause for this drive was to donate all old clothes and toys to Samarthan Trust, all the Jeepers passed on their respective collections to a fellow Jeeper who had taken the lead and responsibility to hand over to the trust.

A few Jeepers spent more time for tea and planning for next drives, thus concluding the day with the memories of the Legendary Jeep formation.

Original Agenda/Itinerary:

  • 6:45 AM – Meeting point at Hoskote Toll (
  • 7:00 AM – Convoy Departure to Breakfast point (
  • 8:00 AM – Breakfast at Maiyas Restaurant, Kolar (Individual direct payment basis)
  • 9:00 AM – Convoy Departure to Kurudumale Ganesha Temple.
  • 9:45 AM – Kurudumale Ganesha Temple (
  • 10:30AM – Convoy Departure
  • 11:30AM – Off-roading at BEMLLand (Convoy will wait for all Jeepers to finish off-roading)
    • Off-roading at Cyanide Mountain (
    • Pass through Little England / Photo stop
  • 2:30 PM – Lunch at Zion Hills Golf County (Buffet Lunch – Cash to be paid on the spot to Lead Jeeper) (
  • 4:00 PM – Disburse and Depart to Bangalore (follow the convoy for a Jeepers tea break)


  • Please bring Umbrellas / Poncho and warm clothings for kids to this drive.
  • Emergency items like Towing Cable, Jump Start Wires, Belt cutters, Tyre inflators, Oxygen cylinder mini Axe / shovel, dust mask and First-Aid kit will be available with fellow Jeepers.
  • Follow the convoy always and keep an eye on the Jeep in front and back of you.
  • Give way to non Jeepers and DO NOT obstruct other traffic – follow convoy guidelines.
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