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Bangalore Jeep Club’s Breakfast Drive on Republic Day 🇮🇳 to BJC Lake – Jan 26th, 2024

On the proud occasion of Republic Day 2024, The Bangalore Jeep Club’s convoy rolled out for an indomitable breakfast trail to none other than our proud BJC Lake!

Here’s how the day’s journey unfolded:

📍 Gathering Point: BJC Start Point Near Hoskote Toll

⏰ Time: The assembly was in full swing by 8 AM sharp!

🍳 Breakfast Kick-off: Delectable breakfast at the esteemed Vishnu Bhawan set our fuel right!

🏁 Convoy Commence: By 9 AM, 10 rugged Jeeps housing over 15 Jeepers zipped into a thrilling convoy, ready to conquer!

Pics: Bangalore Jeep Club

🚧 Off-Road Diversion: The path to BJC Lake? A riveting off-road appetizer leading up to the main course!

🏭 Stone Quarry Pitstop: We halted at the nearby quarry, capturing the essence of adventure with top-notch pics and swooping drone shots!

Pics Courtesy: @travel_with_jaggu

💦 Lakeside Leisure: Arrival at BJC Lake heralded photo-ops galore, buzzing drone cameras, laughter-infused chit-chats, and a heartwarming exchange of Jeeper stories.

🕜 Dispersal Debrief: The trail tales wound up around 1.30 PM, with a sprinkle of Jeepers extending the camaraderie over lunch at The Terminal en route Hoskote.

📸 Catch our Viral Instagram Reel that’s been setting the social media abuzz!

Thanks all who joined, let’s keep the Jeep spirit alive! ‘Go anywhere, Do anything!’

– Bangalore Jeep Club

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