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CHD’s (Club Himalayan Devils) 13th celebration Trail.

Original itinerary:

08:00 AM – All meet after PGI barricades. Distribution of chakhna for the trip for each Jeep for the trip.

09:00 AM – Have breakfast at Heritage Haveli.

11:30 AM – Reach Baba Garibnath mandir (The beautiful picnic spot) via Una. The reason why we would take the Una route is because it has less mountains and more plains. It’s a bit longer but faster.

12 to 3 PM – Have a good time… There are multiple off roading places there over the grassland. We can also get into the water but not deep as there are sudden drops. We will have various competitions and games for kids as well as adults. Bring your frisbees and footballs. There is ample space to play there. You can also get in the water there. So do bring slippers.

03:00 PM – Have lunch at Sea Rock Hotel (2 kms from there) followed by Cake cutting and Goodies distribution.

03:45 PM: Start from Sea rock hotel and go towards Bhakra

04:20 PM: Have fresh Bhakra fish fry on the way.

07:30 PM: reach back to Chandigarh

Short and simple.

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