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CHD and DNCR went out for a Social Cause and Jeep Trail on Aud 10th, 2019.

Original Agenda:

Hello Jeepers,

Over a casual meetup over coffee, one of the Jeepers asked – Why we travel so much and why at all in a Jeep?
The only answer that came gushing to our minds like a giant wave was – these mountain trails, forests and other serene locations have given us so much to cherish and enjoy and feel blessed about being born here, that we owe it all to Mother Nature and now its our turn to give back to the nature what we took from it – Drive for a cause. 

We smiled in agreement and then continued the question … And why travel in a Jeep? … Well, that’s because only the heart and muscle of a Jeep can feel responsible towards its driver – to get us to the destination safe n sound and to get us out of trouble – be it Sand, Snow, Mud or even Rock! Everyone unequivocally agreed that if a machine can be built to show a sense of responsibility, we humans have it our blood, let’s do more for our nature.

I’d say as time passed by, even the Jeepers are becoming Trail Rated !

So, after the huge success of 2018 Independence day trail based on No Plastic theme, this Independence day month we’ve planned to drive for a social cause spreading the message of water conservation – Save Water, Save Earth and leave a good future for our children and our children’s children.

A joint effort by DNCR Trailraiders and Club Himalayan Devils, the trail is planned for 10th and 11th August 2019 (Saturday and Sunday).

Jeep India has always come forward for social causes which concerns the general public – and the best example is the all too famous Jeep drive to ferry voters from remote locations to their respective polling stations – that was heart warming. Drawing our cues from that and hoping you’ll undoubtedly want to continue promoting social causes, we seek your help in motivating us by promoting the cause to begin with, and along with that promote the Jeep brand via sponsorship in the best way feasible. We leave it to your goodwill and fine sense of marketing to help us in any way you feel will help us market the brand and also flash the Jeep brand. Be it food, dinner and goodies like T-Shirts etc or in cash to help us balance our logistics.

Below is an overview of our plan:

We have finalized the majestic Toshali Royal View Resort @ Kufri Chail road for our 1 night stay.

Our drive plan is as below:

  • DNCR team will start at 3:30 AM from Delhi and reach the Himalayan Expressway Toll Plaza @ Chandimandir at around 7:00 AM
  • CHD team will gather at the toll at 7:00 AM, in wait for our DNCR band of brothers. 
  • We all will do the traditional Jeep Wave-n-Hug and move towards the resort at 7:30 AM
  • Our 1st stop will be at Sadhupul for 15-30 minutes for taking photos. 
  • Our 2nd stop (tentative) will be at Chail Palace as a point of interest. 
  • Final stop at destination by 2:30 PM, where all will relax for 3-4 hours before setting the scene for a splendid Bonfire, Karaoke, DJ, Live Music, Games, which are all essentials for knowing each other better, making new friends, and sharing our Jeep stories. 

Jeeper’s are proud of their Jeeps, and Jeep is proud of its unadulterated 7 decades of legacy ! So, with your co-operation, we intend to take this legacy and pride to a new level by campaigning Save Water Save Earth to spread awareness about the importance of what makes 70% of our earth out of which only 10% is drinkable. We’d say, lets partner to do our bit for the environment. 

When Jeeps roar, people pay attention and listen…

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3 years ago

Looking forward to an amazing day. All set.

3 years ago

Fully excited to be a part of this trip

3 years ago

First trail looking forward to an a .. new experience n new friends..

3 years ago


which group, me being from Dehradun be a part of?

3 years ago

How can I participate in this group is that any Whatsapp group

3 years ago

Difficult destinations often lead to beautiful places…….Keep driving your JC, keep going !