It was one fine evening when Rizul and Kunal were sitting over drinks that Rizul shared the marvelous idea of JEEPAG (Jeep Activity Group). This idea of Jeepag, with the intent to connect Jeep owners / lovers on one platform, hit just the right spot and really clicked well with us. It got us all fired up to put our heads together and find the perfect way to get things together to make it work.

Time was a major challenge for us and our initial struggle was to find a way to have it in our favor. So our first step was to organize a North Jeep Meet through which planned to launch the Jeepag with our fellow Jeepers from different locations.

This was the occasion which helped us connect with Ayush & Mohit, from NCR group, and thought of executing the meet at Morni Hills. Although our initial plan was to meet on the 10th of March, but then it was rescheduled to 24th of March, for which the FCA / Jeep India got ready to help us in our trail. 

FCA and the local Jeep dealer WSL, Mohali were absolutely amazing with their help, technical support and event sponsoring.

On 24th March, our friends from NCR, along with PSH (fellow Jeeper from Bangalore) started with 7 Jeeps at 8 AM and we made the much needed halt for some yummy paranthas at Murthal. They were joined by Nipun at Ambala, from where they headed to Zirakpur where Kunal was waiting for them. They reached Zirakpur at 1 PM and commenced their journey to Urban Baithak, Morni Hills, where the Trail set up was done by WSL Mohali. Many other tri-city Jeepers were present at the venue and waiting the arrival of their NCR friends. We reached the venue at around 1:30 PM and spent some great moments meeting the other friends, after which we were served a sumptuous lunch.


Having finished lunch, we started the trail at around 3:30 PM with a total of 23 Jeeps and our photographer Amit, who captured some very memorable moments for us  (See photos) from all angles. Not to lose out on an opportunity to beam at the camera, we made multiple stops for a photo session, during the trail of 8 Kms (one side).  One of the best photographs is probably the one that captured all our Jeeps together (See photos). We then headed back to the venue by 5:30 PM and enjoyed some amazing snacks at High Tea.

It was time to disperse and a few of the friends from the NCR headed back for Delhi, while a few others stayed back at the Golden Tulip resort at Morni Hills. It was here that we made a plan for an evening get together, along with our friends from Delhi.

Rizul joins me in extending a big thank you to all our friends from the NCR & tricity, for attending the event in such a huge number and making the effort of getting to know each other well.

Looking forward to many more of such wonderful meets in the coming days .


Happy Jeeping,

Rizul Sharma & Kunal Raheja

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