Madras Jeep Club

Madras Jeep Club’s

Sikkim and Bhutan Odyssey

The start and the end of the legendary trail of MJC ™ Chennai to Bhutan. It has been a legendary trail as this is the first of its kind from any Regional Jeep clubs in india.

The team participated in this trails as below:

  1. Radhakrishnan
  2. Parthasarthy
  3. Manickavashham
  4. Muthu 
  5. Prakash
  6. Vimal  
  7. Rahuraman
  8. Krishnakumar 
  9. Vinay

This trip was Meticulously planned and arranged by the above members only a true example for complete group effort. 

Any Travel or Trips has a definite start and an end but the memories generated out of the experience has no end. I speak on behalf of the above when I say this. The group had a great bonding during the travel and have also discovered how strong and durable they are and how dependable Jeep Compass is. This is not a simple task travelling close to 3000 kms on tough roads ,hills and crazy traffic 🤦‍♂. The group ensured unity and shown the strength all the way. Everyone’s on their way back and settling down. Let’s give three cheers to this team. MJC™ rocks. Hope everyone here brings out their inner explorers and goes on such trails. 

Special thanks To FCA & RDC for technical support, vehicle maintenance pre check before the trails and a get together arranged at Kolkatta.

Original Agenda:

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Ashish Choadhry
Ashish Choadhry
5 years ago

Hi. I am from Hyderabad. I have a Jeep Compass Limited 4×4. I would like to join this trip with family. Is it possible ?
Kindly let me know on [email protected]
Ashish Choadhry.

5 years ago

Hi Ashish,
As you are a part of Deccan Jeepers, Pls contact admin, he will guide and connect with planning team for this trail.


5 years ago

Hi Ashish.

Thanks for your interest. But The registrations have been closed and all arrangements for the trip has been finalised and completed.

5 years ago

Have a query here.. Day 15 says shipping and return.. so the cars are going to be shipped back to our houses and return via air?

3 years ago

Is there any trip organized this year or next year?