Like one said Why go on an adventure alone when you could have exponentially more fun surrounded by other like heads enthusiasts? The answer was quite simple and is that to gather all North Jeepers again and have blast. Being the early birds and allure the charm we had to raise the bar this time. So decided to do JEEP’s Way, Adrenaline way.

It was time to decide the location and what else could be better option than to  go  all away to Shivalik Range in Uttarakhand and do River Rafting. With Help of WSL Mohali we were able to gets our hands on one of Itinerary  of best property in business. It was Camp Ganges Riverra situated 40 KM Above Rishikesh and 25 Km from Shivpuri.  Finally Jeepers from Tricity (Chandigarh) and Delhi (NCR) ready to had the time of their life. From Bachelors  to Newly Married, From Families to People Enjoying solo time from their spouse gathered . After Having Great 250+ K m Drive in JC’s people were ready to Start Day 1 with breakfast followed by Meet n Greet Session with Fellow Jeepers At Waterfall near the Camp Itself. After Lunch Session Jeepers were introduced with Beach Volleyball so that they could burn calories for Bon fire party in evening. Everyone Enjoyed playing Volleyball, Badminton on White sand after ages and realised how important is to outdoor activities.( Life’s a journey best traveled in Jeep outdoor-JEEP Thing).  Day end with more opening up and enjoying music in the woods.Cherry on the cake , we were allowed to put  our beds outside our camps and sleep under the open sky. It was Nostalgic for most of us and relatable. We experienced one of the most amazing morning to wake up on. Bags were packed and ready for last but not least thing of our journey – River Rafting.

River Rafting said to have its origin from same country from where our Compass got its. Rafting was done about 16 km (Kodiyala to Marine Drive) and another amazing meet came to an end with another drive going back to our cribs. 

Whoever said life is a highway, Never owned a Jeep.

Happy Jeeping.

-Rizul Sharma


Original Agenda:

Jeep Activity Group North Trip Rishikesh

Trip to Rishikesh on 4th sat (26-27) with help of WSL Mohali.

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