A Drive against use of PLASTIC

22nd of July, 2018, around 11AM, we (Ayush, Kannav, Kunal, Mohit & Rizul.. aka jeepag.com co-founders) had a quick chit chat on a conference call to meet midway from Tricity & NCR over breakfast and plan for the upcoming trails and drives.. Eventually we also checked the pulse of fellow jeepers and they were more than keen to join us over for this short drive. 
After just a small ignition, it didn’t took much time for the engine to warm up and vroom, just like our jeeps….
The soft clay started taking the desired shape and the plan was formulated to utilize the Independence Day to have a small meet and greet breakfast drive by a few interested jeepers from DNCR and Tricity… And agreed to meet all the jeepers from Tricity & NCR at Karnal. 
While we were going through registration process of collecting details, we checked with jeepers to come out with a theme for the Independence Day drive where Saurabh Sharma came up with a wonderful idea of “Say No To Plastic”… We were already in parallel discussions with FCA to help us support the event and it was this point where #jeepindia to step in, which was very well accepted by them, although the time was very short.
 A number of jeeps and the list of participants was freezed upon and details were shared with FCA officials for necessary arrangements and got unconditional support from #JeepIndia, #Landmark Delhi #WSL Mohali #RahulJeep Karnal #eventsolutions to plan the drive in their respective regions and help the fellow jeeprs. 
The closed group meet of 5 jeepers slowly started to turn out as a trail and the numbers gradually started increasing from 5 to 12 to 20 to 35 and finally 61 jeepers along with families registered for the drive.. Which surely was no more just a breakfast drive 🙂 🙂
Sadly due to time and logistics constraints, we were to close registration and say no to many fellow jeepers 🙁 🙁
It was a well planned event by Jeep India. DNCR jeepers received a warm welcome at Landmark Jeep, Moti Nagar with Mr. Harmeet Gill (from FCA) briefing about the dos and donts which was followed by breakfast. Same welcome was received by Tricity jeepers as WSL Mohali dealership which was well taken care of by Mr. Nikhil Jaspal (the official Trail organiser for Jeep). 
#eventSolutions planned the event so well that the jeepers from NCR & Tricity reached Noor Mahal, Karnal with a warm personalised welcome at the same time and the visuals were well captured by their photography team using drone cameras… 
The jeepers were not at all ready to rest a little after the long drive and straightaway meetings and introductions started between inter state jeepers of the North. The introduction session was concluded with introduction of JEEPag, introduction of Indian Jeepers and  a welcome speech cum drill by Mr Nikhil. The JEEPag team and Event solutions teams were further introduced to fellow jeepers.  This was followed by fingerlicious snacks & lunch along with chit-chat with each others. 
FCA, #jeepindia was more than generous to support the event by arranging delicious food and T-shirt for all the participants. 
Carrying the theme of “Say no to plastic” a little further, the jeepers cleaned the near by areas as a gesture of caring for a cleaner India  #swatchBharat. Despite it being a hot day, the yung jeep kids were simply more than cheerful and happy to be a part of the clean drive. Most of us were clearly inspired by the young  guns to start up. 
All the social activities were followed with an off roading trail with a specifically selected a d curated area. 
Lastly a message to society was delivered by forming “NO PLASTIC” through preplanned placement of 51 jeeps showing that “Responsible Jeepers care for our environment”  and again the moments were captured by drone camera. 
After a well spent day by jeepers at Karnal it was time to bid adieu untill we meet again… 
Stay tuned @www.jeepag.com for more details..

  • 15 August – 8:30 AM – Meet at WSL Mohali Dealership to have Tea/ Coffee and Sandwiches followed by Registration and number and Jeepag stickers.
  • 9:00 AM – Flag Hoisting ceremony at the Dealership.
  • 9:30 Am the Convoy will depart towards Karnal.
  • 12:00 PM – Expect to reach Hotel Noor Mahal, Karnal.
  • Meet and Greet Delhi NCR Jeepers over Tea & Coffee .

Delhi NCR

  • 15 August – 8:00 AM – Meet at Landmark Jeep, Moti Nagar, Delhi to have Tea/ Coffee and Sandwiches followed by Registration and number and Jeepag stickers.
  • 9:00 AM – Flag Hoisting ceremony at the Dealership.
  • 9:30 Am the Convoy will depart towards Karnal.

Planned activity at Karnal

  • 12:00 PM we expect to reach Karnal Hotel Noor Mahal
  • Meet and Greet Chandigarh & Delhi NCR Jeepers over Tea & Coffee.
  • Merchandise stall to be set up at the Karnal Stop over Point
  • Small briefing along with lunch and leisure time for all to Talk and mix with each other over Lunch.
  • 2:30 PM to 4:00 PM we’ll do a small off-road trail near the Resort & a small cleanliness drive.
  • 4:00 PM we depart .

The Still Photography will be done by SoulMate team.

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