“We drive we donate”

That’s wrap of God’s Own Jeepers Mega Meet
And Drive for a cause…

Jeeplife community join hands to improve the life of underprivileged families
The tribal colonies Adichil Thotty and Anankkayam in Athirapally.

On request and their needs of the colony, 2 Television in each colonies and 2 Chairs for each home
Anankkayam colony zero electricity Area where we light up Community hall and power source the tv with solar..
We God’s Own Jeepers Proudly done for a social cause

Sharing some of the snaps and news paper reports from the Charity Event.  Since the Charity event and the Trail events were done in parallel at two different remote locations, GOJ was represented by Jis Sony , Arun Mohan, Jins,Raeuter,and Dinto , travelling to two of the tribal villages.  We have contributed 170 chairs, 2 TVs and DTH. One colony did not have electricity and we have provided  and installed Solar panels and batteries necessary to operate the TV and a couple of lights. We would like to thank everyone who has generously contributed to this giving campaign and making this a grant success.  
Also mentioning MLA,DFO for the support

The trail event was attended by 35 jeeps and the trail support vehicles were provided by Hyson Thrissur.  Sajan Davis service manager from Hyson, and  Lithin Mattathil General Manager of Hyson were also present for the event.  We would also like to thank Jeep India for providing all required support, providing T-Shirts for all participants and also for their bit of contribution to the charity.

As you know , it takes massive effort in planning and executing such a big event and a lot of people have put forward their effort in making this a successful event. Though we may not be able to list all of them,  special mention to Bala S in coordinating the overall efforts and coordination with Jeep India and also for travelling from Bangalore for conducting this. Along with that, we would also like to thank  Dr Shaji Poulose , Pratyush , Anoop Chandran, Jins, Dr Asharf and  Jis for their efforts in making this a success.

God’s Own Jeepers, Kerala
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