Jeep Abilities Vs Expectations – By Ponz

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Bangalore Jeep Group Kolar Trip 10

My short take on jeep compass on its abilities against owner’s expectations – Ponz


Let’s start with challenges


Head lights, rattling, approach angle & missing a few (not so important) features

Headlights: Aftermarket fix available, so not much to worry.

Approach angle: I hope Trailhawk bumper fit these, sources say yes! …. but can live without one.

Missing features: I would rather talk about the 40-odd other safety features jeep compass has in it but is missing on cars in the segment and beyond the segment!

Expectation vs Reality on a few issues:


  • By now if not all, most should have understood that this is not a naked off-roader, but capable to be made one if someone has the money to convert a 26l 4×4…..I am sure if done so, it will be one of the best across segments….what needs to be done to get there…( A separate write up can be done on this) .

With the current stock state and for most who feel that they have paid a bomb and hence expects it to go places where none other in the segment or below this segment can’t go….that’s not true….even a Nano survived north east peaks! But yes, it handles places with no roads elegantly with comfort and ease. A 4×4 owner can best feel how effortless it is to get over some deep slush and flip side is yes it can get stuck! & so does a 70l Wrangler!

Rattling : ( delicate topic)

Not a big fan of this topic largely because I think it depends on how the owners handle and take care of the vehicle. The only rattling I heard was from the dash speaker location until the last Wester Trails. Post that meet, I have been hearing a lot more noises and I narrow the reason to have rattling is only “US” who drive and how we handle it in bad roads! The day 2 road to Bhandardara during the trail was pathetic and now when I think about it , the way the convoy drew in high speeds( including me, under pressure of keeping up) either to keep up with the lead wrangler or assuming it’s built to be driven in a messy road without repercussions is not true! I have noticed more rattling in my JC post that drive. Let me clarify off-roading is rolling the wheels in a roadless space and not driving like maniacs on a broken tarmac road!!! Let me assure none of the cars existing on earth can survive without rattling if driven that way!! Something we will ensure to take care in the upcoming drives!!

My take or rather most of ours:

In simple few words – power packed, strong, able and safe. Best in segment and does beat a few cars in the next segment too. Clearly no comparison to Hyundai, Tata, Mahindra etc. Takes the Fiat Linea’s slogan to the next level “admiration guaranteed”. The Jeep community and like mindedness makes this stronger than any other brands in the country and in the world!

By- proud owner of a 4×4 JC with no regrets!


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Devendra Desshmukh
Devendra Desshmukh
5 years ago

Well said Ponz ?

Vikram Loona
Vikram Loona
5 years ago

Very well written Ponz and the real hardcore facts

5 years ago

True to the last word??

Am another proud owner too and love to flaunt my tamed beast. Literally eat, sleep, Jeep ???

5 years ago

Is a 4*2 Sport variant a good value for money or should look at other varianants