Madras resonates with “Old but unforgettable”.  How many ever names changed, Madras will be still etched in its Residents. Similarly Jeep resonates with “Old , Strong and Unforgettable” the name Jeep is a well known word in every Indian owing to the production of Jeeps in India during World War period.


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The Madras Jeep Club was created for Jeep Enthusiasts of Tamil Nadu. The sole purpose of the group is to have harmony, share experiences and enjoy Jeep rides with family and the Group. The group is helpful to each other and always ready for any help.

The Logo is made up of 4 components 

  1. Traditional Seven Grill of Jeep – Universal JEEP Representation.
  2. Club Name (Madras Jeep Club) with an antique finish. – Depicting the ancient lineage of Madras and Jeep.
  3. Historical Jeep CJ3B represented in an inclined angle – Depicting Jeep is not for driving only on flat terrain, it is made for any terrain.
  4. Club Slogan- “Every Direction is a Destination”- As a Jeeper we don’t worry about Destination, we just drive and embrace any direction as a Destination. No Destination is unconquerable.
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3 years ago

Looks amazing ride want to join..!!!