Leh Ladakh Expedition 2018 – by Kannav, Ayush & Mohit

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Mountains are calling and We must go!

Now is the time to get Leh’d!

Leh – One of the most ecstatic and beautiful places to visit in India, especially if you have Jeep and adventure running in your blood.

Leh- One of the places with most wonderful highways running along the LOC and the LAC, with gigantic valleys, majestic mountains, the highest mountains passes of the world. You feel as if you are cruising in your jeeps along the Mighty Indus, Zanksar and Nubra Rivers, on top of the world.

It obvisously had been in our bucket lists since years and we believe, now is the time.

One casual evening during our North Indian Jeepers meet, the thought triggered and we were ready to explore this amazing terrain. Some initial hiccups, suitability of time frames, dates etc. definitely came through our way. A Small family get together comprising of all aspirants (Ayush, Kannav, Mohit, Parnavi, Pooja, Juhi and Lakshay) and the final go ahead was okayed.


What’s more?

With experience of few of our traveller friends and veterans, the plan, itinerary and booking were freezed upon. The research and analysis on the route was just perfect to set the program on.

Final touches on the program were carried on by all three of us.

We could have understood that planning for Ladakh is also as challenging as going there. You also need courage to accept the forecoming risks, do and don’ts, driving tips, refuelling issues, rough terrains, low oxygen, AMS and all.

With all the the things now running on track with our families and with supports of Jeepag and travel veterans like Dheeraj Bambroo, we finally managed to bang on and our dream trip is just a couple of days away.

The best part is that our Jeeps will flaunt the uber cool *North Indian Jeeper*s logo right on the hood.

The Jeep is ready, the bags are packed. Can’t wait to hop on the driver’s seat and begin the adventure of a lifetime. Fingers crossed…!!

We have also tried to create Do’s & Don’ts and a comprehensive checklist : Leh Ladakh : Do’s & Don’ts

Happy Jeeping!

Ayush, Kannav & Mohit




(June 10th to June 22nd)

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Padamdeep Singh
Padamdeep Singh
5 years ago

Looking forward to see you during the trail. GodSpeed Guys!!!

5 years ago

Awesome Guys!!! Looking forward to catch you during the trail.
GodSpeed Guys!!!!

Vikram Loona
Vikram Loona
5 years ago

Enjoy your self guys , have a good one , happy Jeepin

5 years ago

Amazing trip ..

Thanks Ayush Kannav and Jeep