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jeep girl rani

SOMEONE who was fond of cars & changing cars every third year from past 18 years. A couple of years when I was contemplating on which car to buy, there comes this magic machine which took my attention…

Ya you guessed it right…

Truly Magic…

Picked it on 9th October and special thanks to my hubby who took the delivery of my Jeep, not driving it straight home instead he gets it to my office as I could not make it to take delivery from showroom.  I jumped like a small girl without saying “NO”, trust me the moment when I held the steering & drove up the ramp of my office building it was ‘AWESOME FEELING’ – never before, never after. Felt proud when this MAGIC MACHINE made the heads turn when I drive it.

his bestie had given a lifetime experience of getting selected for the “Times Women’s Drive 2018” & definitely a PRIDE for being the first car to be flagged off.

This Magic Machine has taken my life to the next level with amazing people of Jeep Community. Made some good friends for life, especially the core team of BJC who are ever-ready to support / help all the fellow Jeepers. They are just a call away making us feel so special.

Wondering when I will be back on those lovely tracks especially made for my Jeep whether it’s on highway, off-road or just a drive to my work – I love being as much glued to my Magic Machine.


Jeep Girl – Rani

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car background remove
3 years ago

Really nice photography, Thanks for sharing!!!