Date: Sunday, Dec 16th, 2018

Location: Thipagondanahalli Dam Area

Start time: 9:00 AM.

End Time: 1 PM.

The much awaited day trail was organized on 16th December 2018 after quite a long gap, a trail especially to welcome new enthusiastic Jeepers. The drive was flagged off from Embassy Public School with 30 colorful JCs marching towards the off-road destination Tippagondanahalli via the picturesque pipeline road.

The Jeeps including the big brother Willys and Wrangler marched along with the colorful JCs on the narrow stretch, it was a feast for the villagers and urban onlookers. The oncoming traffic gave way respectfully to the Jeeps and were glancing at every passing Jeeps without a blink of an eye.

Once the first hurdle was cleared with ease the Jeepers were heart-throbbed about their beast and were excited to take up further challenges. The local dealer’s representatives were also present during this trail to guide the Jeepers on various aspects like clutch usage, manoeuvring hurdles etc.,

This seemed to be a new experience even for the regular participants apart from the new enthusiasts. The core team’s preparation for this trial was extremely commendable and the teaser video was a dream come true for every Jeeper. The Wrangler and the Willys were able to accomplish these stretches with ease. As usual every Jeeper was eager to have their hands on the big brother and maximum clicks were with the Willys.

Atop hill all Jeeps in groups lined up for the spectacular photo shoot and a breathtaking view of the Tippagondanahalli back waters. The convoy further proceeded for the next levels of challenge which included drive on rocks and narrow bushes.

Even though we were in a NO mobile network region – the event was well synchronized using walkie talkie radios. The drive thus concluded with all the Jeeps lined up at the exit point for the final photo shoot and departed with a great experience to share with friends and family.

A great applause to the recce team for such deemed enjoyment and also thanks to the local villagers who assisted in reforming this off-road path for such wonderful experience.

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5 years ago

I’m from Kerala anybody from there

Dijin Idicula
5 years ago

Just got my new Jeep Compass. Can you guys add me to the Bangalore Jeepers group ?is there a Whatsapp group as well?

5 years ago

It was indeed a trail to remember, what fun we have had. Looking forward to many more such events.
Kudos !!!