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Bangalore Jeep Club’s Drive to Gokarna

A much talked about drive was scheduled on the above dates with 11 Jeepers from Bangalore and 2 from Kerala merged together for this drive.  BJC and GOJ started from their respective locations to meet at world famous Jog falls. GOJ started couple of hours earlier than BJC Jeepers and had breakfast at Sagar Ratna (GOJ) / Shree Rathnam (BJC) – which was the meeting point for all namma Bengaluru Jeepers.

Started off 20 mins behind schedule but were able to cover up the time to lunch point at Mallikarjuna Residency, Ranebennur a little early. While the Jeepers from Kerala reached Jog falls by afternoon.  After a delicious lunch the BJC Jeepers started off to wade through country side state highway for a glorious drive through green path.  The convoy had to halt for few minutes due to a road block near Hirekerur as a tanker tumbled on the road – the block was cleared quickly with intervention of our Jeeper and help of the crane at the spot.

The BJC convoy arrived at Jog falls by quarter to four, and was welcomed by flashing cameras by the onlookers who were stunned to see so many Jeeps at the parking lot.  The view was spectacular at the falls from the west side, even though the water flow was comparatively less.  Jeepers proceeded to the main view point to meet up with GOJs, a couple of hours spent with a short tea break at the view point and the entire convoy proceeded for yet another narrow cruising to reach the beach resort.

Arrived at the beach resort a little late than scheduled time due to narrow roads and couple of minutes break in convoy.  Jeepers quickly refreshed and headed directly to the beach for a short walk, later proceeded to the dinner table by the shore.  A quick dinner with a few guzzles of various liquors – it was a retire time to bed, a few Jeepers continued the gulps sharing their Jeep experiences till late midnight.

Day two started early morning with Jeepers walk on the shore and hands on fishing nets with local fishermen. After breakfast the drive started for trek to Yana, again the recce team had opted for a drive through dense and narrow forest to reach Yana.  Jeepers had a breathtaking trek to reach the famous temple on hill top. A quick lunch downhill and everyone headed to an off roading path to reach back to resort.  This was commendable job by the recce Jeeper to take us through such secluded road through the grape fields to reach the peak point.  Few Jeepers demonstrated their extreme off roading skills to jeer the other Jeepers – who later joined the treacherous off roading on the muddy rocks.  The view of Jeeps lined up was astonishing a top the hill, hundreds of photo clicks and we headed back to our resort.  Jeepers took a stretched dip in the sea on the private beach and also cycling on the shore.  The dinner table was replicated like the day one but with more time to spend and share experiences, the extended night spirits gushed too like day one for few Jeepers.

Day three curtain opened with a surprise drive to beach with a recce by fellow Jeepers exploring the possibilities to conquer the path to beach from a nearby fishermen’s lane. Everyone were thrilled by the performance of their Jeeps on the sand and also paddling through the sea water splashing the salty water on the Jeeper photographer. Some extremities on the beach, led to a sand stuck Jeeps which was later steered safely with the help of other Jeepers.  Overall it was a thrilling experience and back to resort everyone were on washing duty for their respective Jeeps.  A late breakfast and convoy began their journey to another green drive through jungle to reach the next spot Dandeli.  The drive was remarkable with quite a few water falls enroute and a spectacular view of the Kaiga power station from the hill, proceeding the journey to pass through the bridge right below the dam. The expedition continued through Anshi national park to reach the river side resort at Dandeli.  Jeepers spent ample time on the river front with a coracle ride.  The planned white river rafting was not accomplished due to the temporary ban on rafting citing to heavy water flow. 

A dine and dance on the river front with a cultural performance by locals was awesome, which concluded with the birthday celebrations of a Jeepyounger. Cookies and home made chocolates prepared by a JeepHer was distributed to the local children from nearby villages, who had joined us to witness the cultural performance. To add to the celebrations, a local small screen celebrity was invited specially to entertain us.  Jeepers retired to bed a bit late and few awake till early morning with their glasses.  Thus the screens were rolled down for yet another incredible drive.

Day four GOJs started off early morning and BJC Jeepers checked out after their breakfast to head back to their homes. While GOJs were driving back home enjoying delicious sea food, the Bengaluru Jeepers ended up at same lunch point where they started off from on day one. Another tea break and everyone landed safely by late evening, cherishing the memorable drive and thanking whole heartedly to the organisers.  Another remarkable trail thus concluded “Drive to Gokarna without visiting Gokarna”.

Original Itinerary:


  • 8:00 AM: Starting point – Nelamangala Toll Gate
  • 1:00 PM: Lunch at Haveri.
  • 4.30 PM: Reach Gokarna around
  • 4.30pm. Check in, Sitback and Relax in the OM beach Café with Sunset view. Have dinner and return to the hotel.


  • 9:00 AM: Drive to Yana (takes around 4hrs, to experience the place with a small trek of 1.5km).
  • 2:00 PM: Lunch at Katgal (10km away from Yana).
  • 4:00 PM: Mirjan fort drive via Jungle/Field/Stream Off road. Have a Jeep drive photoshoot at the unexplored hilltop.
  • 5.30 PM: Reach Gokarna, sitback and relax at the Kudle Beach Café and enjoy the Sunset. Have dinner and return to the hotel.


  • 07.30 AM: Drive to Sathodi water fall (Have breakfast and leave). It is a 2.30hr Western Ghatd drive.
  • 11:00 AM: Reach Sathodi waterfall.
  • 12.30 PM: Leave Sathodi and reach Dandeli.
  • 01.30 PM: Check in and have Lunch – The Dandeli rafting trail stretches for around 12km, making it one of the most exciting and exhilarating stretch of rafting. This one activity would take around 3 to 4 hrs.


  • 10:00 AM: Start to Bengaluru.
    01:00 PM: Have lunch at Haveri.
    07:00 PM: Reach Bengaluru.
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