Jeeping to Kolli Hills (Mountain of Jeepers / Mountain of Death) 


A drive to Kolli Hills jointly organized trail from Bangalore Jeep Club and Madras Jeep Club on 9th / 10th June 2018, had a mammoth participation registered for 21 JCs.  A couple of them had to opt out at last moment due to some personal issues, but were with us virtually for our entire drive. 

An atypical delay in start off due to an unexpected long queues at the Toll just before our meeting point, deferred our scheduled by one hour. The Jeepers were able to cover up the delay by reaching the next breakfast point on time to have an astounding and yummy breakfast at Sri Muruga Bhavan – a country side restaurant.  Must try their famous Ghee Roast and Idlis with a traditional serving on banana leaf. MJC Jeepers also cruised to reach this infamous spot on the dot.

After the scrumptious breakfast we headed to our next PIT stop / refueling point near Kalangani to be welcomed by a representative of a NPO – Leaf Society. This stop was also to handover the donations to Leaf Society – the cause of this drive to support the tribal community children’s education through them. All Jeepers and their respective accompanying enthusiasts donated generously for the welfare of the children. 

A quick photo shoot and kicking off from this point to be headed through narrow lanes of village limits to join the District Highway to Kolli Hills, the intelligent Google maps identified that Jeepers are using it’s guidance and it deviated us from normal path and took us for a short off roading to start the trails to ascend the hills.

Jeepers were thrilled with maneuvering capabilities of JCs in accomplishing the 70 strenuous hair pin bends with an ease. The JCs convoy lead by Volvo was a breathtaking view to by passers and on coming traffic gave way to our convoy with due respect. A quick stop atop hill for photo shoot and couple of Jeepers trying their foot capabilities to the rock on the mountain. 

Steering to the resort to start with an appetizing lunch and later check in for a short relaxation before the next program.  Jeepers savored the delicious varieties of mangoes which were handpicked in the morning by JeepHR. 

A quick scrutiny and trespassing by our Jeeper gang-leader on the surroundings led us to shuffle our scheduled program and move on to an off roading experience with 3 levels to descend the hill and return back through the unsurfaced narrow track with steep inclinations.  A perfect guidance by fellow Jeepers shove back all the Jeeps from the dead-end path, Jeepers also accomplished a dusk climbing up through those narrow path. 

Back to resort it was time for fun and everyone eyeing to win the challenge to own the Jeep Wrist Watch.  The table aside the bonfire was filled with loads of the Scotches, Rums and what not – the toast was raised by all Jeepers with a Jagermeister.  Jeepers shared their experiences with their beast and a lot of leg-pulling to fellow Jeepers.  This was also a dais to update on the history of Jeepag and it’s forthcoming developments about our Group. The party continued even after the dinner and went on till midnight.  The scheduled late night 150 minutes’ drive was cancelled owing to safe drive practice policies of Jeepers. 

Day 2 started off with Jeepers at breakfast table and later distribution of BJC ‘T’ Shirts to everyone.  An additional off roading was accomplished for the Jeepers who had missed out the first day’s adventures.  After checkout from resort and a group photoshoot in tees, we Jeeped back to descend the spectacular hair pin bends.  Jeepers lined up once touching the main highway to greet and see off the MJC Jeepers and cherishing the wonderful drive spent together. 

The convoy proceeded towards the next Lunch stop at another famous “Ambur Star Biriyani” for a mouth watering Biriyani and a prettily packed beeda. 

Another quick coffee break at Adhith Bhavan and a drone shoot of the convoy, all Jeepers drifted back to Bangalore with colossal memoirs of the drive and flooding the amazing pictures on group. 

There ends this Journey, marking a beginning for the next drive.

Original Itinerary:


DAY 1 – 9th June 2018

06:30AM – Meeting Point – BJC /WW

Attibele Toll Plaza

Follow the convoy and please stick on to your position from start point.

Maximum speed limit 140kmph.


07:30AM – Coffee Break & Meeting Point for MJC (route 1)

Sree Saravana Bhavan – Krishnagiri 

on Salem Highway

Opposite to Boat House.


08:30AM – Breakfast

Saisangeet, Dharmapuri

After hearty breakfast drive down towards Salem and take bypass towards

Salem-Namakkal Highway. 


11:30PM – Refuelling at BP COCO, Kalangani

Take left towards Kalangani-Kolli Hills road just after the BP COCO Petrol



12:30PM – PIT Stop at Karavalli

Stop before the start of first hair pin bend – for grabbing some snacks and

drinks, also slight relief for the Tyres and brake pads.

Drive through challenging 70 hair pin bends struggling through passing

trucks and narrow roads. 


01:30PM – Semmedu – Meeting Point for MJC (route 2)


02:00PM – Lunch at Silverline Retreat Hotel

Checkin and relax, enjoy the picturesque view from the hotel at 3500 feet ASL.


04:00PM – Visit to Arappaleeswar Temple / Water Falls.

Advisable to squeez into fellow Jeep due to limited parking place near


A must visit ancient and very popular temple, the water falls is just next

to temple but need to descend by foot and not in Jeep. 


Tentative (waiting for confirmation from Hotel Agent/guide) A Short drive to Coffee / Pepper Plantation.


06:00PM – Back to Hotel and at leisure 

Exchange experiences with fellow Jeepers and especially with our CM about his drive to London.

Note : There is no Bar / Drinks available at this hotel, please carry your

own if required.


DAY 2 – 10th June 2018

10:00AM – Checkout and Descend the Hills

Drive smoothly and control the speed with lower gears, AT owners have no

other option but try not to keep foot always on brakes or use manual lower gears.


11:30AM – PIT Stop at Karavalli.

Give a break for the Tyres and Brakes to cool down sufficiently. 

Head towards Salem Highway – follow the convoy. 


01:00PM – Lunch Stop at Salem Toll

Hotel Salem Saravana Bavan just before the Toll after cross Salem Bypass. 


03:30PM – PIT Stop at KRP Dam, Krishnagiri

Disburse BJC / MJC / WW and Jeep back to home.

Happy Jeeping…


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