Upgrade from stock tires on my Jeep Compass Trailhawk

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When I buy new pair of shoes, there is an itch to wear them immediately and run a cross country.

Similar was the case when I got hold of new AT tires (Pirelli Scorpion All Terrain Plus 235/65/17) for my Jeep Compass TrailHawk. Got them delivered day before yesterday at home thru courier service. I couldn’t step out for fixing the same day as I got late from work. Next morning, lowered the back seat, loaded all 5 tires inside the extended boot and took along to work.

Padamdeep Singh Handa

Had to wait till the clock turned and ticked EOD bells. Immediately rushed to my favourite tire shop, Tyre Empire for change.

Padamdeep Singh Handa - Pirelli Scorpion All Terrain Plus 235/65/17) for Jeep Compass TrailHawk
Padamdeep Singh Handa - Pirelli Scorpion All Terrain Plus 235/65/17) for Jeep Compass TrailHawk
Padamdeep Singh Handa - Pirelli Scorpion All Terrain Plus 235/65/17) for Jeep Compass TrailHawk

Looks gigantic on TrailHawk.

Drove a bit (100 kms) before I returned back home. So far haven’t faced any issues.

What next?

  • when can I be able to drive on highway
  • when can I take them off the road
  • where will I find rocks

And opportunity knocked the door, unexpectedly. I had to plan a trip to Chennai for some urgent work engagement. No better timing than this, I was literally happy to drive.

After a good 600+ kms behind the wheel in almost 11 hours of journey time, sharing my observations with you all.

PS: My comparison will be with Michelin as last 30k kms I drove on them and they were an upsize as well (235/60/17).

1st impressions from my journey and a short review for fellow enthusiasts. Drove 630 kms on highway with a lot of undulations, Unpaved Road, mud / slush, rain & water fording. (Chennai highway and factory visits offered all what I could ask for).

Tire Looks: Gigantic and robust, adds an umph factor to the Beast.

Mileage: Remained unchanged, or may be minor impact, not noticeable. Speedometer error definitely will be approx. 6-7%, so servicing will be done earlier than what ODO will reflect.

Braking: Quite accurate and shorter, stopping quicker than stock tires.

Wet Handling: Better than Michelin (HT Tires), especially in rainy slippery road and in Mud puddle. Not right to compare HT with AT, but from user prospective, just to have an idea for HT users that breaking will improve.

Road Noise: Higher than Michelin, even higher than stock tires (Falken) – but then ATs are known to be noisy. Especially around 50-60 kmph noisier than at 90+ speeds.

Tire Touching / Hitting: Didn’t find any mark on tire or body line for touching / hitting any fender lining, due to an upsize. It was clear in TrailHawk.

Speed Error: 100 on ODO is 106 in actual, so need to learn new ways of maintaining accurate speed.

Noticeable change: Minutely bumpier drive, noticeable as ground clearance increases by 18mm over stock. Tires are much smoother over undulations, pot holes and speed breakers. Some of the speed breaker especially the small white line one/s are not even felt inside the cabin.Conclusion: I found it worth an upgrade. I am more than happy to share my tires to try on their JCs for a 1st hand experience.

– Padamdeep Singh Handa