Bangalore Jeep Club’s Night Trail to Rasta Cafe – Mar 15th, 2024

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Bangalore Jeep Club

🚙💨 Bangalore Jeep Club’s Night Trail to Rasta Cafe – A Starlit Adventure! 🌟

On the breezy evening of March 15th, 2024, the Bangalore Jeep Club (BJC) hit the road once more, embarking on an electrifying Night Trail to the famous Rasta Cafe. 🌙🍕

📍 Rendezvous Point: The journey kicked off in grand style with over 25 Jeeps assembling at Kaniminike Toll Plaza at 10 PM.

🛣️ The Drive: Our Jeepers and their enthusiastic families enjoyed a thrilling 45-minute drive on the Mysore Expressway. Amidst the night’s calm, they stopped for mesmerizing drone shots, capturing the convoy’s glory under the moonlit sky, before making a stylish U-turn to head to our starlit destination: Rasta Cafe on the Mysore Expressway. 📸✨

🍹 Cafe Chronicles: At Rasta Cafe, new bonds were formed and old ones strengthened as Jeepers engaged in chit-chat, knowledge exchange, and tales of adventure over delicious pizzas, fries, and refreshing drinks. It was a night where veteran Jeepers mingled with new faces, plotting the course for future trails. 🗣️🍕

🕛 The Wrap: As the clock ticked between 1-2 AM, the Jeepers bid their goodbyes, marking the end of another successful trail under the starry sky of Bangalore. 🌌

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