Bangalore Jeep Club’s Annual Day – 2021

When we collectively agreed upon celebrating an annual meet for jeepers, we were all excited and tons of preparations happened. 

4th Dec 2021, the first Saturday of the last month for the year marks a special day for the Bangalore Jeep Club. The meet was at Discovery Village Resort, Nandi Hills Road, Bangalore  

A prelude to the event started 10 days before the D-Day. Excitement kept building everyday amongst the participants. Jeep themed social media contests kept jeepers busy rifling through their galleries for contest appropriate pictures and videos.

And the most awaited day arrived. 48 Jeeps, 81 jeepers, 27 kids… this was a treat to watch jeeps rolling into the resort’s exclusive parking lot. The organizing team was already on ground to welcome fellow Jeepers. Banners and posters were erected. The Resort Manager took the organizing team around the property to brief about the place and venue so we could assist our members and their family / friends at every step. 

Jeepers greeting one another, exchanging pleasantries was a sight to behold. The community is connected to each other on online platforms, but when we finally met each other in person is an excitement that knew no bounds. 

Amidst the lush greenery, tucked away in the woods was the Glass Room overlooking the beautiful adventure camp site, was our food point for the day. Breakfast table was buzzing with chitter chatter, selfies, distribution of BJC clips all while also relishing the wholesome breakfast spread. 

We later gathered at Ground 1 where the day’s activities were planned. A welcome note followed by a formal self-introduction from every Jeeper, helped us have a face to our fellow members and families. Our volunteers took over and started with games for children. Games themed on the recent famous squid game and blending it to #Jeeplife like word scrambler for little ones; green light – red light (changed to headlight – taillight); the Jeep Star honeycomb for adults; a tug of war with Jeep and finally the seven-slot marble golf concluded with a few fillers before the resort team took over to conduct their games. The winners were awarded with BJC merchandise and vouchers for Jeep merchandise.  

Meanwhile, a few jeepers went to explore the resort with some adventures on ropeway, swimming, tennis, board games etc… 

The resort team started with some indoor energizing and team building fun games for all, after a quick 5 minutes juice break. 

Before heading to lunch, BJC rolled out the “Duck Duck Jeep’ custom, which is a new custom started globally by Jeepers. The ducks are often left with a note, telling the owner they’ve been ducked and they have to pass the duck along with a message -to join the Bangalore Jeep Club or follow us on Instagram for more Jeep adventures. 

The ducks were distributed amongst our BJC members to start this custom in our region.

Members were treated to a lavish cake spread, two of our Jeeper couples celebrated their wedding anniversaries with cakes they got for us and BJC’s Annual Day cake along with distributing beautiful and sporty jeep caps for our kiddo jeepers…….. what a better way to head for lunch.  A lavish lunch spread was awaiting us. Lunch was served in 2 different, open restaurants overlooking the lush greenery around. 

While some jeepers went for a short drive around the resort, some were seen exploring the property, adventure games, a few others were seen taking a quick nap after a sumptuous meal, and some were networking, while some Jeepers chugged down the winding, hilly roads leading to the Resort for a content shoot with a convoy of colorful Jeeps. 

We all gathered back at Ground 1 for the star event of the day… 

Ben Carson said “Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what we give”

Rakshana Charitable Trust is an NGO working for child development for the underprivileged. Children from the Trust joined in our celebrations and treated us to some melodious prayers and songs. It was a treat to watch these kids display their talents. The Jeep community contributed generously to support the Trust in taking care of these enterprising children. A cheque of Rs. 60,001/- was handed over to them. Some Jeepers distributed gifts, sweets, and stationary too.  Their Manager was ever grateful to the support rendered. It was a touching moment for all of us. 

A smallest act of kindness can make the biggest impact. 

All good things come to an end, and we too got ready to wind up for the day with tea and snacks for the kids from the Trust and us. 

As the day came to an end, we were already planning the next Jeep trail.

No Jeep Trail is complete without expressing our love and gratitude for the support received from Jeep India. 

Happy Jeeping 


Bangalore Jeep Club’s JeepHers Women Day Drive – Mar 7th, 2020

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Bangalore Jeep Club

JeepHers from Bangalore Jeep Club went on a Women's Day Drive to Sakleshpur

8 JeepHers and 22 participants set out on the Unstoppable Women’s Trail to Sakleshpur. From the time we reached the Flag Off venue, we were made to feel very special with a pleasant welcome by our fellow jeepers and the organisers. All the minute details of the trail were well planned by our organisers and the team went out of their way to make us feel comfortable and pampered.

The trail was a great holiday with a visit to Shettihalli, lots of adventure and sumptuous goodies, fun filled evenings with live music and dance, and the icing on the cake was the tough off roading experience we had and not to forget the endless selfies we took and letting us live the jeeplife to it fullest. 

No trail is complete without giving back to the society. On occasion of International Women’s Day, we sent a soulful evening over tea and snacks with the women workforce at the Coffee plantation. The JeepHers contributed generously and we gifted them loads of goodies. The women were impatient and some draped themselves with sarees they received in the gift hampers. It’s a sight-to-behold seeing their glee on their faces, just filled our hearts entirely.

In contrast to what we had expected for an off roading experience, the organizing team had planned a real tough track and the route to the coffee estate which was an ultimate experience for all of us, and reassuring us of what a Compass is capable of doing. The team was very patient with us when we got stuck and coaxed and encouraged us by saying “You can do it, you can do it”. They gave us tips and pointers to beat the odds. At the end we felt “We are the Unstoppable Women” who can do all that the men can do with their Jeeps, and made us realise our potential and strengths.

Our stay at the Machaan Plantation Resort, Sakleshpur was an out of the world experience with wonderful ambience, great food and excellent service by the staff and the owners.

All good things do come to an end, but the memories of this trail will linger in our hearts and mind for a very long time and make us wish we had many more Women’s Day in a year. 

“Yeh Dil Maange More” for many such trails in the future.

BJC JeepHers


BJC Dandiganahalli Lake and Dam Trail – 16th Feb, 2020

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Bangalore Jeep Club

Bangalore Jeep Club went on Breakfast Trail to Dandiganahalli Dam (90km drive towards airport)

Original Itinerary
  • 6.45 AM: Assemble on service road in front of Ozone Urbana after airport. (
  • 7.00 AM: Flag off
  • 8.30 AM: Reach Dandiganahalli Dam
  • 8.30 AM – 9:00 AM: Breakfast on the Lake Side
  • 9:00 AM – 10 AM: Community service, stationery distribution in the village
  • 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM: Drive to Savukanahalli Dry Lake
  • 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM: Off-road and photoshoot  (Exploring possibility of second round of community service here)
  • 1:00 PM: Reach resort
  • 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM: Lunch and Disperse

Community service

Dandiganahalli is a small village in Chikkaballapur district of Karnataka situated next to the dam. From BJC we intend to donate stationery for the village kids as part of the drive.


Bangalore Jeep Club’s Off-Roading Breakfast Trail to Ambajidurga and Horsley Hills

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Bangalore Jeep Club’s The Tranquil Coorg Trail – Oct 12-13, 2019

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Where did we aim this time?

The Tranquil Trails over the hills and far away from tainted cities. The Wrangler, Trial Hawks and dominating JCs strode on wheels towards Bisle Ghat(Sakleshpur) and next day to Mandalpatti(Coorg)

Who all were there?

We were a group of Jeepers from Bangalore Jeep Club, God’s Own Jeepers and Western Wanderers.

When and Where did we start from?

On 12th October 2019 we assembled at Hotel Dhruvathare which was the trial’s flag off point by 9AM for Jeepers from Bangalore, while others reached the venue directly.

Where did we land?

It was yet another unique experience this time as all Jeepers stayed in squeezed rooms along with other Jeepers – as this time it was a typical homestay at Bisle Ghat.

What next?

After having the homely lunch of the best local delicacies, we were taken in batches for an off-roading to peak of Patla hills and later to the breath taking view point.

Few of Jeepers had a terrific experience of drifting downhill due to showers, but the beast handled this terrain smoothly.

How was the gala evening spent?

The evening party started early by 7:15 with our Jeepers and their family/friends being sandwiched between the warm  camp fire surrounded by Jeeps.

The stage was well lit and later glittered by the amazing variety of performances.

Adding to the event was a birthday of a fellow Jeeper – which was celebrated with a locally baked cake. Perhaps this was the only time that everyone of us at this age, got a return gift from birthday boy (even though we didn’t gift anything).

The additional lip smacking sweets and savouries bought by Jeepers from their home towns / renowned joints, enhanced the trail theme of homely living.

The high spirit dances, kalari forms and melodious songs by everyone dragged the event beyond scheduled curtain down.

There was no star gazing but we had mountain gazing at night, while those fire flies were twinkling like stars on the green hills. Thus concluding the day one and retired to bed.

What was up for day two?

The day two started with a domestic breakfast and a content photo shoot with a few Jeeps, while others relaxed at the venue sharing their experiences.

Where did we head towards?

All Jeeps lined up to start their tougher off-roading as compared to day one. The drive to Mandalpatti was again through dense forest scenic roads, where the road was almost filled only with our Jeeps entire stretch.

What was unique of the day two off-road?

It was at Mandalpatti – the highest motorable peak in Coorg. All our Jeeps were allowed in batches again to drive half way till the photo shoot lay by location. The path beyond this was only for 4 wheel drive vehicles with higher ground clearance, but this stretch was done and dusted by couple of our Jeepers in their front wheel drive Compass, apart from few 4x4s. The beast again demonstrated that it can take you anywhere.

How was the trail concluded?

The trail was conclude post lunch by the banks of a river nearby. This was another commendable experience to have lunch next to a fresh water stream and that too with yet another home prepared food.

Thank you note from admins and FCA team after the lunch, officially pulled down the curtains declaring the end of trail. Jeepers and their family / friends helped to clear the river bed of the food serve ware and later dispersed from this point.

All the Jeepers heading back to their homes again in a convoy as much as possible, the Jeepers are always together whenever and wherever possible.

Again most of us landed at the same restaurant on their respective highways for the dinner.

Everyone confirmed their safe drive back to home after the remarkable Tranquil Trails.

Original Itinerary:

Location: Coorg

Dates: 12th and 13th October (Weekend)


  • 7AM : Meet at Indian Oil Petrol Pump, Hassan – Mangalore Highway
  • 8AM: Breakfast (Hotel Dhruvatare)
  • 12.30PM : Reach Homestay and Lunch
  • 2PM: Offroad to Patla Hills. Jeep Photoshoot on hilltop
  • 4PM: Drive to Bisle Ghat View Point
  • 5.30PM: Return to Homestay. (Optional scenic drive through Ghat)
  • 6PM: Tea and Snacks
  • 7PM: Campfire/Dinner/party


  • 7AM: Mallali waterfalls
  • 8.30AM: Breakfast

Option 1:

  • 9AM Offroading in nearby hills
  • 12.30PM Lunch
  • 2PM : Leave to Bangalore

Option 2:

  • 9AM Check out and leave to Mandalpatti (2.30Hrs scenic Drive)
  • 12.00PM Mandalpatti (Jeep Photography)
  • 1PM : Kotey Abbi waterfalls (Can be skipped if lack of time)
  • 2.30PM: Lunch (Taj or Club Mahindra resorts)
  • 3.30 PM Leave to Bangalore via Kushalnagar-Chennarayapattana
  • 9PM: Bangalore

* Option 1 vs Option 2 : TBD

* Since we are staying in homestay, occupancy will be 4 per room.

* Please expect room sharing with other Jeepers

Homestay cost is Rs 2000 per head (Includes stay, 3 times Food and campfire)

Overlanding The Cold Desert – Jun 15-22, 2019

Overlanding The Cold Desert – A Jeep Trail to Lahaul and Spiti is planned by DNCR TrailRaiders, Club Himalayan Devils and Indian Jeepers Jeep Clubs from 15 to 22 Jun, 2019.

Long winding roads to picturesque valleys through a cold mountain desert; snow-crowned mountains with intermittent greenery and picture-perfect villages welcome you when you set foot into Spiti Valley. Bordered on all sides by the Himalayas, Spiti Valley, located in Himachal Pradesh, has an altitude of 12,500 feet above sea level, and is one of the coldest places in the country.

The term Spiti means ‘The Middle Land’, separating India from Tibet. Scantily populated, Spiti is an adventure lover’s paradise!

BJC’s Drive in the Dark – Apr 6th, 2019

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Bangalore Jeep Club

Bangalore Jeep Club's Night Trail to Raasta Cafe

Original Agenda:

For all with a flair of driving in the night, our next drive is aptly named as Drive in the Dark, though our HID’s will help us see clearly.. Follow the fellow Jeeper and let’s meet up for a night drive to the Raasta Cafe on Mysore road.

Day : Saturday
Date : 6th Apr
Time : 9:30 pm
Assembly Location : Nice Road Exit near Kangeri