Leh Ladakh – Do’s & don’ts – By Mohit, Ayush & Kannav

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Planning the ultimate road trip to Leh Ladakh


  • If you are taking your vehicle, MUST to have under body anti-rust coating.
  • recommend to remove front bumper nose lip. this will increase the ground clearance.
  • DO make sure you’re a good driver and comfortable off-roading
  • DO carry medicines and supplies
  • Do carry tablets for altitude sickness
  • DO Try to choose hotels or camps that have oxygen supplies
  • Try to acclimatise to high altitude gradually.
  • DO carry toilet paper – public toilets are a rarity (and grubby!)
  • DO make lots of unsolicited stops along the way
  • DO make sure your paperwork is in order
  • Always carry drinking water and dry food.
  • Before you plan to visit Ladakh do collect all information about the weather and road conditions.
  • Take complete rest at least for a day after arrival to Ladakh.
  • Ladakh is located at a high altitude; thus the level of oxygen in Ladakh is very low. So, it is advisable to move slowly and breathe deeper till your body becomes used to the high altitude and low level of oxygen.
  • Take plenty of fluids and drink boiled or bottled mineral water.
  • Always carry ample drinking water and dry eatables, dry fruits etc.
  • It is suggested that you must start taking 2 Diamox Tablets per day 2-3 days prior to your Departure for Leh by Air and continue it within Ladakh till your Departure from Leh. This is to overcome the effect of High Altitude. It is highly advised that you MUST consult your Doctor and confirm if you can take diuretic medicines like Diamox.
  • For all your tours within Ladakh, go for a local Taxi/Cab as outside Cabs are not allowed to move within Ladakh.
  • In your initial days of arrival in Ladakh, avoid smoking and consumption of alcohol.
  • Do remember to carry First-aid box along with all necessary medicines.
  • In Summers (May – September), do carry Cotton wear, light woolens, strong walking shoes, rain proofs and in Winters (October – April), kindly carry heavy woolens, thermal wear, feather jackets, strong walking shoes.
  • Before your leave for a tour in Ladakh, do remember to carry fully charged extra batteries/Power Banks for digital products like camera, mobile phones, etc because there is a lot of electricity problem in Ladakh.
  • If you have a prepaid Sim Card of any provider, you would not be getting any Signals anywhere in Ladakh. In Ladakh, either only local J&K BSNL Prepaid/Postpaid Sim Cards work or Airtel/Vodafone/BSNL Postpaids from other states work.
  • Ladakhi people are known to be very friendly and they love to interact with tourists. So interact with them to know more about their life and culture.
  • All the bikers visiting Ladakh should go in a group of at least two or more. There are areas where you would not get help for kms, a group is always better than going solo.
  • People can ask their Cab Drivers to carry oxygen Cylinders while travelling to high Altitude Location around Leh. They may charge a nominal amount for it. However, it can help you to breathe properly in areas where you have problems breathing.
  • Make sure your have the Innerline Permit if you are planning to Visit areas like Nubra Valley and Pangong Lake. As of September 2017, they would charge your Rs.400 per person + Rs.20 per day per person for the permit. So, for a 3 Day trip, permit for 1 person will cost you Rs.460. You can also get the permit sitting at your Hotel, by paying about Rs.100 per permit. Note : Do carry your Address Proof document like Aadhaar Card, Driving License etc. because the photostat copies of your Address Proof documents will be needed for permit.
  • Car Inverter (220v, 200W)
  • Carry 100-150W immersion rod to boil water or carry 12V DC car cup to warm water


  • Do NOT follow your GPS blindly
  • DO NOT depend on Mobile Connectivity or expect good internet
  • DO NOT forget your sunscreen
  • DO NOT refer to Google Maps for time frames
  • If you reach Leh by air, stay that day and do not plan to go anywhere for that day, as you will need a day or two to acclimatize yourself. Drink plenty of fluids (that does not include alcohol), do not move much for the first two to three days.
  • DO NOT use Polythene bags. Ladakh is a “no polythene” zone. Kindly respect this and please carry back all the plastic you take with you.
  • Refill your water bottles instead of buying new ones. Mountain water is good. If you have doubt, boil it and refill.
  • Wear nice clothes covering your body while on roads, especially while visiting a Buddhist Gompas.
  • Do not click photographs inside any monasteries without taking permission from the monk or the person in –charge.
  • Do not use or carry plastic/polythene bags in Ladakh as plastic is banned in Ladakh.
  • Do not carry short clothes like skirts/sleeveless blouses tops while you are travelling on roads, especially in Buddhist Gompa.
  • Do not try and disturb the wild life.
  • Do not exert yourself a lot by running or climbing quickly.

Note :

Take Disprin with you if you want to go to Khardung La, as it is very high altitude of 5359m.
If you are not able to go further from a particular spot in day, do not move stay there, as road condition is very bad in some places and it would be very difficult to travel in night.
Temperature in Ladakh is too low and if you will throw any biodegradable item, it will remain in the same state for very long time, especially in snow, people defecate and the shit remains in the same form for years, so please try the Ladakhi winter toilets.
Use vehicles, which have good-ground clearance and are in good condition. SUVs like Tata Sumo Grande, Toyota Qualis and Highlander, Mitsubishi Pajero work best over there.
Make a first-aid box and carry proper medicines for headache, fever, and vomiting also in it.
There is electricity problem in Leh, so it is better to take extra batteries for digital products like camera, mobiles phones, etc. Charge them fully before leaving for the tour. You may not get electricity at some remote places and also because of the cold, the battery gets discharged soon.
If you are planning to visit Leh-Ladakh on your bike, please make a group of 2 or more. Please do not go alone on bikes, especially Royal Enfield Electra or Bullet as it is very dangerous.
People there are very friendly and hospitable. Respect them.

Checklist Prepared by us for this trip

(credits Mohit Gupta)

Maps + ininerary in mobile Towel Kids sunscreen
Itinirary Printout socks Shampoo pouches
Travel guide Tissues (instead of hanky) Tooth Brush
Map Slipper Tooth paste
Photographs Light Jacket Toilet soap
Passport copy Warm head cover hand sanitizer (handy+ big)
Aadhar copy ear cover Paper soap
Recognisable photo id forehead cover Tissue papers
Driving Licence Hats/caps Hand towels
DL Copy Heavy Jacket Face wash
All soft copy in mobile Woolen socks Deodorant
Car Papers Woolen gloves odomos fabric roll on
car papers copy Thermal pairs Moisturizing cream
Confirmation Print Rain coat + windcheater talc
Mobile Phone (airtel postpaid) Jeans + Track Sunscreen
DSLR Extra battery T shirt Lip guard
Digital extra battery UG’s Hair Brush
battery chargers Disposable glass Shaving kit
battery bank Disposable Plates Cold cream
Data cables (1+, moto, android) Spoons 50% clothes
SD Cards Knife Playing cards
Tripod Lemon Hair oil
Torch + charger Ready Food Packs Perfume Spray
Pens Sauce Pouches Neck Pillows
Notepads Milk Cartons Belt Pouch
Bag locks Bread Games
Spectacle + Case (Mohit + Eedha) Butter Sunscreen
Sunglasses + Case (all) Snacks Becosules
car invertor Chewing gum Motion Sickness medicine
Multi plug Orange toffees Walking Shoes
Car Kettle Police Card Slippers
Water Bottles (own) Green tea bags Umbrellas
 + Big Water bottle Salt & Sugar Sea band
Plastic bags (Small) Mouth Freshener Band aid
Plastic bags (Big) Dry fruits crepe bandage
Newspapers chocolates Sorbitrat
Plastic Zip Lock bags Garlic Cloves Vomitab
Twist Ties Cough Syrup Electral Packets
Safety Pins Saridon Juices
Match box Paracetamol Diamox
Candle Paracetamol Syrup LED Buld attachment
Pen Drive + songs Combiflam Spare tube
Laptop + Syrup 10# spanner
Cash Combiflam ointment diesel jerrycan
Cr Card Insect repellent spare bulbs
Chain mopar certificate roadside assisstance number
warranty certificate Swiss knife + Window breaker Puncture kit
Car Spare keyfob check tool kit air pump
check stepny glass cleaning chemical


** please note that the above checklist & do's/ don'ts are just recommendations/ suggestions, following or not following them is entirely your decision. We do not take any responsibility and we are not liable for any damage caused during your trip.

Leh Ladakh Expedition 2018 – by Kannav, Ayush & Mohit

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Mountains are calling and We must go!

Now is the time to get Leh’d!

Leh – One of the most ecstatic and beautiful places to visit in India, especially if you have Jeep and adventure running in your blood.

Leh- One of the places with most wonderful highways running along the LOC and the LAC, with gigantic valleys, majestic mountains, the highest mountains passes of the world. You feel as if you are cruising in your jeeps along the Mighty Indus, Zanksar and Nubra Rivers, on top of the world.

It obvisously had been in our bucket lists since years and we believe, now is the time.

One casual evening during our North Indian Jeepers meet, the thought triggered and we were ready to explore this amazing terrain. Some initial hiccups, suitability of time frames, dates etc. definitely came through our way. A Small family get together comprising of all aspirants (Ayush, Kannav, Mohit, Parnavi, Pooja, Juhi and Lakshay) and the final go ahead was okayed.


What’s more?

With experience of few of our traveller friends and veterans, the plan, itinerary and booking were freezed upon. The research and analysis on the route was just perfect to set the program on.

Final touches on the program were carried on by all three of us.

We could have understood that planning for Ladakh is also as challenging as going there. You also need courage to accept the forecoming risks, do and don’ts, driving tips, refuelling issues, rough terrains, low oxygen, AMS and all.

With all the the things now running on track with our families and with supports of Jeepag and travel veterans like Dheeraj Bambroo, we finally managed to bang on and our dream trip is just a couple of days away.

The best part is that our Jeeps will flaunt the uber cool *North Indian Jeeper*s logo right on the hood.

The Jeep is ready, the bags are packed. Can’t wait to hop on the driver’s seat and begin the adventure of a lifetime. Fingers crossed…!!

We have also tried to create Do’s & Don’ts and a comprehensive checklist : Leh Ladakh : Do’s & Don’ts

Happy Jeeping!

Ayush, Kannav & Mohit




(June 10th to June 22nd)

Times Women’s Drive, 2018 – By Jeep Girl Pooja Asnani

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Times Jeep Wemens Drive 1

I still remember the day when I was pleasantly surprised by a phone call from Mr. Swapnil Shinde, Sales Executive from Landmark Dealership Worli, Mumbai in the month of March. He asked me if I was interested in Participating in the Times Women’s Drive 2018 from Mumbai to Goa. I was a bit skeptical in the beginning as I had never driven such a long stretch and that too for a competition !!  I was wondering how come me ?? Then I realized, it was the ease at which I could handle Jeep Compass during the test drive sessions and my innumerable queries must have made the Sales person realize that she can really tame the beast.

Well after all the paper work and month long preparations, finally the Day arrived when me and my sisters were all set to go on our longest drive together.

The preparations at the flag off were top class and I could meet 10 more fellow Jeepers.

Times Jeep Wemens Drive 2 1
Times Jeep Wemens Drive 5 1

The journey was great, 1st Day upto Kolhapur and the next day upto Goa. The only sad part was we had to drive our Jeeps at a specified speed only. Imagine driving Jeep Compass at 40-50 Kmph that too on empty roads on Mumbai Bangalore highway!! That was the biggest challenge.

Goa was super fun as always. So well organised. We also had our own Jeep convoy and a short trail organised by Jeep India.

Well all good things had to end and so did the Times drive. Driving 1300 kms made me realise that the Jeep Petrol AT though considered a beast made us feel so secure. The gear changes were seamless and it felt so planted on the road.

This was one hell of a ride. So why should men have all the fun.

Happy Jeeping to all.

On the ride were Jeep Girls Pooja Asnani, Ritu Motwani and Divyaa Mehta.

Pooja Asnani


Mistakes People make when Planning Ladakh/Spiti Tour

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Here are some common mistakes that people do while planning their trip to Ladakh, Kinnaur, Spiti & Lahaul.

1.  Mistake: Not familiarizing with the geography.  

Suggestion: Go through the map of the area you are planning to visit. Make a mental note of general direction of stopovers and places of interest. Calculate distances and travel time. For time taken to travel, consult someone who has been to these places in mode of transportation that you intend taking. Make a tabular chart of distance, time, route, fuel stops etc. Keep a photo of map (hard copy or in phone) for ready ref.

2. Mistake: Inadequate Acclimatisation.

Suggestion: In higher altitude, acclimatisation is the most important aspect. One should ascent gradually. Get yourself medically checked for high altitude travel. 

For Spiti circuit, start your journey from Kinnaur side and finish towards Manali side. Don’t do the clockwise leg. For some reason, if you have decided to do it clockwise, then avoid Chandertaal and head directly for Kaza.

For Leh, either drive through Srinagar side. If you are taking Manali route, then take a night break at Keylong/ Jispa. In case you are flying in to Leh; then day 1 has to be a complete rest, not even local sightseeing. Just sleep. 2nd day should also be at Leh. Ideally, one should take rest on day 2 as well, but if you don’t have time, go for relaxed sightseeing which does not involve exerting yourself. If you don’t feel good, just head back to hotel. Attempting KhardungLa/ ChangLa on Day 2 is a bad idea. 

Also remember that you may be super duper fit person, a great athlete/ sportsperson, you don’t consume alcohol/ smoke a fag etc. But this doesn’t mean that you will get acclimatized quickly. Just keep that myth away. However, do not take this AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness) to the level that it mentally starts affecting you and you become apprehensive. It’s just that at altitude above 5-6000 feet the level of Oxygen in atmosphere reduces. Your lungs are capable of functioning absolutely fine, at lower oxygen levels. It’s just that the lungs can’t adjust to this sudden change. So either you ascent gradually or you take adequate rest.

3. Mistake: Kids cannot be taken to these places

Suggestion: Kids are fine, you can take them to these places. A few must for managing kids is- no compromise on acclimatization. Carry more than adequate woolens and protection from cold breeze. Keep their head, fingers, toes covered. Keep their skin covered to avoid sun burn. Keep your speed of traveling slow. Kids are at no disadvantage as compared to adults. However parents have to cater for the fact that kids will be more active, thus they can exert themselves more than elders & really small kids may not be able to express their issues, therefore parents need to be on a lookout of their kid’s behaviour.  Take your kids, don’t fall in trap of people giving advice that they should be taken to these places. Also, keep them adequately hydrated, whether they like it or not. Keep adequate water and food supplies with you in case you expect to get stuck on road for long due to traffic jam, snow blocks, landslides, accidents etc. 

4. Mistake: If he can do it, I can do it.

Suggestion: Please use Common Sense and prudence. You will find enough people boasting about how they stretched the limits and nothing happened to them. This is applicable to acclimatisation, itinerary, adventurous stunts, driving by night, consuming alcohol, choice of vehicle, types of clothing required etc. Just because a plan worked out fine for Person A, doesn’t make A’s plan good. Always remember, for every success story of a plan-stretched-to-limit, there will be many stories of failures or self-inflicted difficulties. We only hear success stories, we rarely read/ hear about failed stories. 

5. Mistake: Consumption of Alcohol

Suggestion: Alcohol does not give you warmth and it does not help you relax. At higher altitude, especially when we are moving on almost daily basis, just shun Alcohol & Cigarette. I suggest, get a High with Nature.

6. Mistake: Comparing Spiti with Ladakh

Suggestion: If one has done Ladakh, doesn’t mean he/she can easily do Spiti circuit (Kinnaur, Spiti & Lahaul). The two places may outwardly appear to have similar terrain, but there are many obvious differences. To start with, the roads in Kinnaur, Spiti & Lahaul are much more difficult than Manali, Leh, Nubra, PangongTso, Kargil, Srinagar. Am not including Zanskar, Chumathang Valley as they are not so frequented places of Ladakh and they are much more difficult than general touristy places of Ladakh. Thus, your preparation for trip to Ladakh may not meet the requirements in Spiti. Spiti circuit gets very lonelier as compared to Ladakh, the landslides are more frequent here, the tourist infrastructure and commercial tourist support here are again minimal. Amenities are basic. Road conditions are bad. Stretch between Kunzum to Gramphoo is one of the worst roads that you will ever find on this earth.  Therefore, plan afresh for Spiti. 

7. Mistake: It’s the driving skill and not the type of vehicle that matters.

Suggestion: This query keeps coming time & Again for the Full Spiti Circuit.. “Can I drive in Alto, Nano, and such low ground clearance car. My take on this..NO. Nothing is impossible, but as a Rule, vehicles like Alto, i20, Swift, Dezire, City etc is a Big NO for Spiti round Circuit. For Ladakh, it is somewhat manageable. Just because Locals drive doesn’t mean you can also drive Alto there. Further, locals drive these small cars ‘Locally’ only, and rarely will you find them doing Kaza – Chander Tal – Manali in Alto. Alto may be easy to negotiate through terrain as it has a better power to weight ratio as compared to Swift, Dezire, i20 etc but they can’t negotiate Nallah (only respite is that 6 people can lift Alto, but 10 people can’t lift Swift). Driving skill, is a miniscule factor when crossing the furious Nallahs between Batal & Gramphoo. Vehicle capability & suitability is the single most important factor. There are people who have done this circuit in smaller vehicle. U will hear such sporadic success stories, but u will rarely hear the ordeal of major part of travelers who attempted this in their small cars. Do not take this Bait.

8. Mistake: Rigid Plan/ Will see as it happens

Suggestion: Well this exactly can’t be called as mistake, but needs to be addressed. Some people make a watertight plan, like how we plan for Plains. But if this plan does not get executed, then the whole trip goes for a toss. Then there are people who travel as their heart says the morning when they get up from bed. My advice will be that have a general plan ready. Mostly our plans get dictated with availability of time. Thus, cater for spare days. One spare day for every five day of travel is a good yardstick. Keep that flexibility and keep moving. Towards later part of trip, if the spare day is still available, have a plan to pause your trip and relax, doing nothing. Or may be add things like River rafting etc which can be accommodated even at last minute. Another factor which governs our movement is availability of accommodation. The good part is that both these regions are booming, which means that there is adequate accommodation is available and you will get some place for sure to stay. To sum up, keep your general plan ready and keep some spare days to cater for unforeseen contingencies. 

9. Mistake: Planning the trip with previous years weather as reference

Suggestion: While the very broad weather (season: Summer, Winter) every year is similar, but the smaller time frames may not be same when compared to previous years. To take an example, the weather conditions of August 2018 will be similar to August 2017. Weather is unpredictable, especially for people planning to drive on their own. The roads which were open last year may not be open this year at the same time. If the road conditions were good last year, it may not be the same this year; same for snow fall etc. Please do a weather check closer to your date of journey.

10. Mistake: I can do Leh/ Spiti in 4-5 days

Suggestion: Please do not waste your time and money. Just stay at home.

11. Mistake: Taking motorized vehicle to enclosed water bodies like Pangong Tso

Suggestion: This is not cool at all. Trust me; your vehicle doesn’t want to go to the lake. The lake cries when you emit those poisonous gases on top of water surface. Endorheic (bodies of water that do not flow into the sea) lakes absorb these pollutants permanently. Over a period of time, the lake severely gets affected. PangongTso, which is famous for its varying Blue hues, has already turned brackish at a few places. I request you, as you read; to take an oath that you will not take your vehicle by the lake side and you will help preserve the lake. Perhaps you will get more applause by posting a statement on social media that “I did not take my Car/ Bike to the lake side” instead of posting picture of your vehicle at the lake side. HP government does not permit any vehicle 500 mtrs from ChanderTaal and no stay is permitted with 2 km of the lake. Please preserve these beautiful high altitude lakes; before they turn into  

12. Conclusion. Enjoy your trip, enjoy the beautiful nature, don’t be in a hurry, carry loads of patience, don’t argue with locals and keep the place clean.


Vehicle Care

Check the vehicle thoroughly before leaving for one of the best excursion tours in India.

Get your vehicle serviced a week before leaving, so that you get enough time to check if there is something which needs to be done. 

Clutch plates: You need to be sure that your clutch plated have enough life to handle the steeps and hilly terrains. Get these checked. 

Brakes: Check the brake pads, shoes and oil to be in top condition. It there isn’t much life left in them, get’em changed. There shouldn’t be any air pockets in the hose.

Coolant: No only water please. Make sure that the coolant is in top condition. If possible increase the quantity of coolant as to water. 1. It will keep your car running efficiently at continuous high RPM’s. 2. The coolant will freeze slower than water in sub zero temperatures.

Engine Oil Change before your Laddakh trip. Carry around ½ a liter with you to top up. 

All filters: Engine oil filter, air filter fuel filters etc must be in proper condition. 

Electrical and Battery: Battery should be in good condition with proper top up and clean terminals.

All electrical wirings, connections must be checked. Carry some wire with you, just in case 

Tyre alignment: Check the condition of the tyres, including of the spare wheel. If the tyres are nearing end of their life or have serious cuts/cracks in them, get them replaced ASAP! Get the tyres aligned properly if there is a need; remember you will need your car to be handling at its best. Carry Puncture kit and air inflator alongwith.

Anti rust treatment: Since you will be driving through water crossings and snow and these can cause your car’s underbelly to catch rust.  Many service centers offer anti rust treatment for the underbelly of the car before the monsoons. Get it done.

Lights: Check all lights, indicators, horn before leaving. Carry a pair of spare headlight bulbs. 

Learn minor repair/servicing:

Once you are through the above steps, your car should also love you back through the entire trip. However it would be a good idea to ask your mechanic to teach you minor chores like fixing punctures, changing bulbs and fuses, checking and topping up essential fluids such as battery water, coolant, engine oil etc. 

More details, what to carry, do’s and don’ts to follow. 

Mohit Gupta

“God” of magnificent machines – Jeep Compass – by Kannav Goyal

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In 90’s the only dream of a typical Indian middle class family was to own a Maruti 800 and nothing different my family was too a Maruti loyalist for nearly 3 decades.

Moving from Maruti to Honda Amaze was a pleasant experience but there’s always a time when we think to buy something magnificent which is different from crowd and like many others I too took test drive of Q3, XUV 500, Creta and what not but we (me and my wife) always felt that “something” was missing, but with a History of Maruti & Honda our family emotions settled for Hyundai and i did booked a much hyped Hyundai Creta.

Meanwhile Jeep Compass was launched but going by the Fiat reputation I was really afraid and skeptical about after sales service so didn’t even thought to consider it as an option to buy.

It was the day when we were to take the delivery of Hyundai Creta but still there was “something” missing and don’t know what happened when my wife said, “Kannav, we should at least take a test drive of Jeep Compass“….

…and I think everybody wants to own a “Jeep” at some point in life and for us it was that very moment…. Jeep Compass, SUV with everything and yes it was our love.

An enthusiast, a crazy Jeepster, I just want to keep driving my Compass, with 11000 kms driven, the beast is bold & sexy as it was day one with no issues.

It’s an amazing masterpiece of engineering and feels like floating on water even at a speed of 200 kmph. Oh yes!! it’s not safe, but you just can’t control to feel the POWER of 2000cc engine under hood and if driven in limits beast even surprises with a fuel efficiency of 21 kmpl, which is not bad at all.

Not just me, but I find a whole new community of crazy Jeep enthusiast  people is rising on whatsapp, facebook and now on www.jeepag.com spreading JEEP BROTHERHOOD.

I can keep writing but would like to take a pause and THANKS FCA  for making  our experience wonderful.

We may got lost…. but will never get stuck!!!

Jeepsters Kannav & Juhi Goyal

Me and My JEEP – by Athithya Vinay

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I am a car enthusiast and so is my dad. And before settling with this magnificent piece of machinery (JEEP COMPASS) we had a couple of other cars in mind which were nothing in comparison to the Jeep.

Options like the Honda City, Audi Q3, A3, BMW X1 sounded boring, as these cars were in the market for quite a while. I had heard of JEEP last to last year when they came into India with the Wrangler unlimited and Grand Cherokee and subsequently in 2017 with the SRT Grand Cherokee.

But then the game changer arrived, COMPASS. When my dad told me that the new Jeep had arrived I thought it would be big, muscular and stylish and it turned out to be just as I expected. We went to the dealer in our previous car the Honda Amaze. And when I saw this car I was speechless and this was no car, it was a GOD! We booked it in October and got it delivered in January. I could still remember the day, my heart was racing as I hopped into the cab, and when I got down I was impatient and so was my dad and then there he stood, the beast!

We took it for a drive and My! My! He growls! We took him back to the dealer and I continued admiring him while my dad did the formalities (not to mention the lizard sitting underneath the wiper). We were to go to our home town (300 km one way from my home in Chennai) the following day. Long drive. Oh yes, we could actually test the mighty beast I was so excited I floored the accelerator (well imagined to do so as I was seated in the passenger seat as I am only 13!). Then for some time I couldn’t spend time with the beast due to exams. Then we went to our home town again and at both the times passers showed thumps up at us and admired at my beast. My pride! My beast is in blue and looks damn stunning and can be spotted from a distance (very useful at times). We are part of THE MADRAS JEEP CLUB. Their first meet was at Fisherman Cove and we couldn’t join them because of my exams.

BUT…………..on 29 April there was a second meet at Sheveroy hills (Yercaud) and we went for it . The meet up was at café coffee day outside Chennai at Sriperubedur (a popular locality). We started off and straight off the bat I had a couple of friends. We stopped for breakfast!!!!! and then it was a swift sailing till lunch at Salem (TN’s own steel city also famous for yummy mangoes). And then we started our 20 hairpin drive to the hill top!! We reached our stay and crashed for the night. The next morning we had a long day ahead. We headed on an off-roading activity and I should admit that the beasts looked amazing as a convoy and off-roaded with ease. It seemed as though my beast was more enthralled in the company of its long last cousins. And we parted ways the next day and the tarmac was empty and the beast was in it’s home territory. We hit a top speed of 170km/h. to reach our home. And here I am writing this blog!!!!!!!!!!! What a journey it was!   


A FCA experience (No this is not a dream) – by Dr. Dilip

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I would  like to share an experience I had with FCA

I had bought the jeep and was looking for reasons for long drives. One day my wife told one of her UG classmate was getting married and the marriage was in Yellapur.  The traveller in me woke, googled and found its in northern Karnataka. Goa looked so close. But then something else struck me.  Pune was just 600 km away and Ranjangaon factory is close to Pune.  I had few email ids of FCA and I send them all a mail requesting permission to visit the factory.


Congratulations for the huge success of Jeep Compass in India.

I am a proud owner of Jeep Compass.

I was very much interested in Jeep Compass much before its launch and price announcement. I booked a Jeep Compass on August 1st the next day after price announcement . I was skeptical about the service issues of Fiat vehicles in India. Even though Fiat Uno, Linea and Punto were excellent vehicles and had record bookings in the initial days of launch, due to service issues their sales dropped. So I thought I would wait for few months before buying a Jeep Compass. I am an active member of automobile related social groups like jeep compass India, Teambhp etc. and was keenly following and was impressed the way FCA was taking care of  all the early hiccups of Jeep Compass.The way you handled few issues were really a benchmark in customer care.  Now I am a proud owner of Jeep Compass.

I am driving my Jeep from Kerala to Goa. Sir, will it be possible to give permission for me to visit the Ranjagaon factory, If so I will extent my drive from Goa to Pune. I will reach Pune on March 24th. I am travelling with my wife Dr Anu , my children13 yr old Adwaith who is so much in love with the car  and  8 yr old Dev.

I assume for you this might be a small thing but for me and especially my son it would be a dream come true and something to  cherish though out life. 

Looking forward for a positive reply from you and a long drive in Jeep Compass.

Thanking you,

Dr. Dilip Maliyekkal

This was the mail and frankly I didn’t expect a reply.

But with in an hour a series of surprises began. I received a call within a hour of sending mail and he introduced to me as the CEO of Fiat India. Wow, the CEO calling me. He said he is delighted to welcome my family for a factory visit and his team will get in touch with me. But unfortunately he wont be in town in that date to receive me. Man that was unbelievable.

I had a reply from COO of Asia Pacific excluding China. His mail said they are looking forward for my visit and his team from India will get in touch. In another hour I received a mail from Sr. General Manager explaining how they plan to go about the factory visit and then lunch with the officials and I could stay in the Fiat India company guest house in Pune. 

This was just a beginning.

Sr. GM and his team were following my travel itinerary and were giving guidance to reach the guest house. They made sure I had a pleasant stay. Next morning  I said I will be reaching around 10.

On the way I was thinking how I should explain to the security that I have come for a factory visit, but on reaching the gate I was surprised to see a LED display welcoming me and the Sr.GM, himself waiting for me at the gate.

There was a professional photographer and 3 or 4 person accompanying us during the visit. We were guided to a conference hall and a small meeting was conducted and were welcomed with bouquets. They literally made us feel like celebrities.  The processes in bodyshop and assembly units were explained by the managers.

My family had lunch with around 20 officials from FCA. They were very friendly and asking how the drive was and things like that. It actually felt like a family gathering than a factory visit. They had come to know we were vegetarians and only vegetarian dishes were served in the buffet. Imagine.


They gave printed copies of photos and a large framed photo. Lot of merchandise gifts and cases of Bisleri and close to 10 kg of Chikku from the factory for our return journey. Height of care.

They kept calling for the next couple of days and made sure I reached safe back in Kerala. 

How they made us feel was out of this world. I really don’t understand  why they had to go to this length to pamper a customer.

A Jeeper’s FAQ

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1) Learn to Ignore
First of all its a Jeep and not a car. So stop comparing with cars. When you see a car with better headlights, Just ignore and accept the reality. Your’s is a Jeep no arguments please.

2) Don’t hate people who sell their Jeep
Yes, people do sell their Jeep. It may be news to you but don’t we angry. Have sympathy with people who sell their Jeep. It’s not easy to live the Jeep life, there is too much pressure to keep up with the crazy lot. Jeepers are changing the brand new tyres, changing the speakers, buying dash cams, changing brand new floor mats and even buying drones. The poor chap bought the SUV for peace of mind, he never thought he would have to buy a drone after buying a Jeep.

Also, its too complicated for him to understand the difference between a Jeep’s clutch and a normal clutch. Please don’t hate him.

3) You bought a Jeep – You are already crazy.
Just chill, put the loud music and sing loud whenever possible. People anyways think you are crazy to buy a 20 Lacs+ for a Jeep. You will never be able to convenience people why you bought a Jeep. Only Jeepers can understand.

4) Have a great collection of music you love.
Music is life, collect and download good music for your Jeep. No, its not a option you must, you have to. Please I beg you to do that it will keep your attention away from the rattling noise which comes fitted perfectly from the factory with your Jeep.

5) Take the challenge
We you in your Jeep, get ready to be challenged by other cars almost everyday. Thats part of Jeep life. Show the bugger the beast you have in the Jeeps, the real power. Press on the gas and disappear hard and fast from his sight. It should be a perfect execution so next time the bugger sees a Jeep he should change his route.

6) Jeep Off-roading
Don’t expect Jeep off-roading to be simple and fair. You will burn your clutch, break your bumper, towing ropes may even break and your types can get flat. It’s normal and happens with Jeep. You need to keep finding ways to get your Jeep stuck and don’t worry the Jeepers community is always on your side. You need a few tips to get your Jeep stuck, one of our star Jeeper with ample experience from Jeep West Group will guide you properly. I have just started to learn from him, he is a good guru you will not be disappointed.

7) Milage? It’s not a car.
Please understand, As I pointed out earlier it’s not a car and don’t ask “Kitna Deti Hai”. Never show and reveal the gas average to non-Jeepers. Be brave and even if your are not , pretend to be. Remember you never bought the Jeep for milage and thats what people perceive. As a Jeeper you need to maintain that perception at any cost. Bad luck will happen and your milage will drop by 2km per litres if you don’t follow this.

8) Loosen up, relax and chill nothing can overtake your Jeep on the highway.

9) Keep burdening your fellow Jeepers with a new found secret about your Jeep. Some Jeeper found a nail polish in another fellow Jeepers storage box, now thats not a Jeep secret. Please find secrets in your own Jeep.

10) Live your Jeep life so that your epitaph could read, “No Regrets I Owned A Jeep”. Take charge of your attitude, Jeep life is different.

11) Never waste an opportunity to wash, clean and polish your Jeep.

12) Show respect for everyone who works on your Jeep for a living, regardless of how trivial their job is. This includes your visit to the Jeep service station.

13) Do crazy things like paying toll for the Jeep behind you, do a Jeep wave, wave at children on the school bus/ street etc.. Please don’t think of converting your Jeep to CNG that will be too crazy.

14) If you are an admin in a Jeep WhatsApp group and don’t like Jeepers share non-jeep content. Just have a little sympathy. Not everyone can make up for Jeep Trails, this is their humble way of being part of the community at a virtual higher spirited level – “Mai Bhi Hu Jeeper”.


Happy Jeepin from a crazy Jeeper – KD